Buying CBD in The UK: Indica vs Sativa vs Ruderalis: your choice!

Choosing which CBD cannabis to buy in the UK, between indica, sativa and ruderalis

Modified on: 11/09/2023

Do you want to know the differences between indica, sativa and ruderalis cannabis? Here are the details for a conscious choice.

Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis: we are talking about cannabis and its three main categories.

Yes, indeed, the many varieties of hemp we know today come in particular from three prominent families, which differ from each other in different ways.

We refer both to the cultivation aspect and the aromas, flavours and effects.

Knowing these characteristics is of fundamental importance to approach the world of CBD cannabis with a clear conscience, whether for commercial reasons, use or cultivation.

Would you like to know more?

Cannabis indica: the most comprehensive variety in CBD.

The first hemp variety we want to tell you about is Indica.

Its name comes from the geographical area discovered by a European botanist named Jean-Baptiste during a trip to India. Of course, the natives of the region have always known this plant, but for the western world, it was a novelty that dates back to 1785, now a long time ago.

Today, this variety is very popular, mainly as a hybrid, to produce legal cannabis with a low THC content (almost absent in legal hash either).

The main characteristics of indica cannabis derive precisely from the geographical area of origin.

In addition to India, this plant also originates from states such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Locations north and south of the equator of around 30-50 degrees are therefore referred to. Here, the hours of sunshine and darkness fluctuate throughout the year, so the plants to absorb as much light as possible have taken on a particular shape :

  • the leaves are particularly large and stocky (fan-like);
  • the plant does not grow very tall, but it is particularly low and thick, and as soon as it ripens, it immediately starts to flower, producing dense and full buds.

Indica Hemp is a bushy variety that takes up little space and starts the flowering process fairly quickly – great news for hemp growers who have small space available.

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… What about the effects?

The Indica hemp plant is famous for having low THC percentages and a high concentration of CBD, so it induces a natural state of relaxation if taken by humans.

In particular, it reduces muscle tension and decreases feelings of anxiety and stress. It also increases appetite and dopamine production.

Cannabis Sativa: the most impressive category.

Native to the equator’s inner regions, the Sativa hemp is probably the best-known variety of hemp in the world.

Sold as a cannabis lamp for personal use and used in the textile and industrial sectors, it is a strain with a thousand resources.

Due to the geographical area of origin, where the sun beats all year round, this type of hemp has developed a conformation that leads it to reach very high heights and only begins the flowering process after reaching its maximum.

Due to their constant growth, these plants, even once in flower, do not take on a full and dense appearance as occurs in indica hemp plants, but despite this, both due to their large size and the long flowering period, they are incredibly productive.

In addition to the whole plant, the leaves also take on a long-branched appearance. In contrast to indica varieties, Sativa does not need to expand to absorb more light, as the sun is always there in abundance.

Cannabis sativa is in an impressive category

… but if a human takes it, what are its effects?

By analysing the components and effects of pure Sativa hemp, we can say that it is a cannabis variety with a high THC content and a low percentage of CBD.

If taken by humans, it has stimulating and energising effects reflected in euphoria, creativity and appetite stimulation, and positive moods and high levels of concentration.

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Ruderalis hemp: the type most resistant to low temperatures.

Although the origins of this type of cannabis are ancient, Ruderalis hemp has only recently been rediscovered.

This plant was not as popular today because it did not grow like other species and was considered not very productive

The change, of course, took place following the discovery of a fascinating property. Ruderalis hemp plants are capable of self-flourishing even if photoperiod variations do not stimulate them, i.e. independently of light variations.

We are talking about a botanical species that has origins in much colder regions than Indica and Sativa hemp. It has been able to develop even in Russia and northern China.

To survive in regions where lack of light and cold had become an obstacle, these plants mutated to become very resistant.

It is excellent news for hemp growers, which in practical terms means less effort and less effort to get the right product.

Ruderalis hemp is the most resistant to low temperatures

Now let’s talk about the effects after setting.

Ruderalis hemp has an extremely low THC and CBD content, so much so that even when taken 100% pure, it is ineffective.

For this reason, it is mainly used to create hybrid plants of legal cannabis or industrial hemp, which possess the resistance and auto-flowering capacity of Ruderalis and the properties of Indica or Sativa dominance, depending on the result you wish to achieve.

In conclusion.

The main categories of hemp are very different from each other. Each one is distinguished from the others by characteristics and properties, which is why many hybrids of excellent qualities have been created from their union.

Today, Indica hemp, Sativa hemp and Ruderalis hemp are grown and sold worldwide, either pure, mixed or in a light form (as is the case with legal marijuana). As a result, the characteristics and effects can vary considerably from those of the original plants.

In any case, after reading this article, you should have clarified your ideas about the leading families of cannabis.

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