Here are the (deadly) risks of using the Dark Web to buy drugs

Buying drugs on the dark web: here are the risks, even lethal

Modified on: 17/10/2023

Uncontrolled substances and vital risks: is it worth using the dark web to buy drugs?

Cheap CBD flowers and CBD online shop: not all options are the same! Drugs and online trade meet on the Dark Web.

It is a large part of the invisible and inaccessible Internet with classic browsers, but unfortunately, it has also managed to reach many teenagers.

On the Dark Web, buying drugs of all kinds is very easy, but we are not talking about legal CBD cannabis and controlled substances. Here they sell cocaine, amphetamines and even deadly substances, accessible to any anonymous and uncontrolled person.

You only have to read this to understand how many pitfalls this world devoted to illicit and illegal activities could hide.

If you are intrigued, you will discover why buying the drug on the deep web could mean risking your life by delving into this article.

Here’s how this world works and why it’s best to stay away from it.

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Dark Web: how does it work?

As mentioned in the introduction, the Dark Web is a parallel online world in which many illegal substances, objects and materials can be bought and sold. These include drugs and weapons.

It is a system without controls, which everyone can access without being identified and located.

To access the dark web and the dark web, you need to use a TOR (the router) browser. It is a system that allows you to visit this dark part of the Internet while remaining anonymous thanks to the so-called onion system, via the many concentric layers of cryptography used to achieve this goal.

Within this network, it is possible to access the international market proposals. If you wish to buy the currency to be used, it is Bitcoin. A virtual currency bought on specific sites. So, just a deep web-based online payment to buy the drug.

Shipments of products are usually guaranteed within ten days and to avoid problems and controls, they are carried out by the “drop” of private couriers specially trained for this task.

How the dark web works

The drops receive the packages at a secure address, which usually changes frequently, after which they deliver the package directly to the customer’s home.

As you can see, the deep web system is studied in detail from access to delivery… What are the real risks?

Uncontrolled access: that’s why so many minors risk their lives.

As already mentioned, the dark web is a system without controls, based precisely on free trade. Many problems arise from this system, but above all, the dangers are even more significant when it is children who access this network.

This vast world of illicit activities offers an enormous amount of temptations that are difficult to resist, and we know that among young people. There have always been those who play the bully!

While in the legal world, minors under 18 are not allowed to buy marijuana, even legal marijuana or legal hash, by surfing the deep web, even the youngest children have the opportunity to purchase drugs of all kinds.

The offers are numerous, and even the prices are adapted to the possibilities of each one.

You can buy hundreds of ecstasy pills for just over a euro each, Chinese heroin costs around 30 euros a gram, but the offers are so numerous and dangerous that we prefer to stop here.

Then there is marijuana: but not as safe and controlled as legal grass, it is often altered with other substances to increase the “high” effect.

Each product is presented with numerous photos, descriptions and user reviews that guarantee its quality, one more reason to fear for the safety of the young people most likely to buy, who are unfortunately very receptive, even with all these negative points.

In the lines above, we have focused on children, the primary victims of this system. Also, the thought that anyone can buy and ingest any substance of dubious origin is certainly not comforting.

In short, buying from anonymous sellers, in a system without controls, is too risky for everyone!

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Do it yourself: deadly cocktails just a click away.

On the deep web, in addition to the sellers, you can find everything: movies, pornography, but also tutorials.

Speaking of drugs and tutorials: the do-it-yourself narcotic-making guides are depopulated, complete with the materials and ingredients to make them. Then some sell these ready-made recipes.

In this sense, there is no need to mince words: those who rely on drug cocktails made by a stranger are seriously risking their lives!

Unfortunately, the lack of controls, the lack of reliability and the traceability of the substances do not prevent many people who resell the same products, endangering many other lives!

Deadly cocktails just a click away: do it yourself!

Conclusions on buying drugs on the deep web.

In conclusion, relying on the Deep Web to buy drugs is not a smart way to escape the authorities’ controls. Still, it is irresponsible behaviour that can endanger many lives.

Unfortunately, this parallel web world’s risks are still numerous, which is why it is essential to distance oneself from it and not to encourage this system even in the slightest part.

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