Amazon and Cannabis: the Pro-Legalisation Breakthrough of the Web Giant

Amazon in favor of the legalization of cannabis in the United States

Modified on: 15/03/2024

Learn how Jeff Bezos’ Company Has Come Out in Favour of Legalising Recreational Cannabis and CBD Flowers in the United States

Who would have thought that Amazon, the e-commerce giant, would also take a stand in favour of legalising and smoking/using cannabis (not only the CBD cannabis, that is to say its legal version)?

Well, that is what is happening in the United States.

According to the company blog, Jeff Bezos’ giant will actively support the proposal for a regulation of the federal green light to the recreational use of marijuana, just like other important affiliates lately. It will even change its staff management policy, which in the past provided for a pre-employment drug test.

In this article, we will find out the reasons for this stance and all of its consequences.

Amazon said yes to the legalization of hemp

Cannabis and CBD Buds Amazon: the Legalisation in the U.S. by Amazon

Despite many years of heated debates, recently the consensus regarding the legalisation of marijuana in the USA has increased considerably and now Amazon has also expressed its yes.

This is a very important position that, given the size of the company, will certainly leave its mark.

But why support the proposal for legislation to smoke and legalise the recreational use of legal weed at the federal level?

The figures speak for themselves.

Considering that by now as many as 16 states have given the green light to the recreational use of hemp, during 2020, sales on the legal market have risen by 46%.

Basically, federal marijuana legalisation would result in a great opportunity both for Wall Street finance and the public purse, and for the many citizens who would get a new job.

It is estimated that currently, in the United States, the workers employed in the legal hemp sector are about 321 thousand, but there is more.

According to studies by the Cato Institutes, it seems that in the states of the federation in which marijuana has been liberalised there has been no increase in consumption of CBD flowers or CBD products among young people.

In addition, according to Pew Research, more than nine out of ten Americans are in favor of legalising cannabis (even among Republicans): a large company like Amazon could only take this into account as one of the best results to take a favourable position.

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Amazon Hiring Process Steps: Goodbye to Marijuana Testing

Although Amazon does not sell cannabis light on its huge portal, to demonstrate with facts its real approval regarding the legalisation for recreational use of marijuana in the United States, it has decided to make changes to its internal organisation.


Eliminating drug testing to detect marijuana use as a part of employee selection.

The head of retail, Dave Clark, said that in the past the company, just like many other businesses, had to exclude many candidates during the interview phase, because they had tested positive for cannabis use.

Given that the vast majority of the population of the United States is in favor of the legalisation of this plant, however, the company has decided to change strategy and eliminate the tests (which in March, in New York, had been contested because they were now considered banned).

Of course, the choice to eliminate the examination to detect marijuana use can only be applied with regard to internal positions and not to those that are regulated by the rules of the Department of Transportation.


And in Ireland and the UK, Is the Legalisation of Marijuana (and Legal Weed) Close?

To say that a situation similar to the one that is occurring in the United States is also at the door in Europe and the UK is definitely risky, but even in our country there are those who are actively moving to try to liberalise the legal weed and legal hash market as much as possible.

The idea of being able to consume light hemp for recreational purposes in Ireland and in the UK, without incurring penalties is still too far away.

It seems, however, that news will soon arrive: all that remains is to wait!

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