Hemp perfume: how it is produced and what are its particularities

All the curiosities about hemp perfumes

Modified on: 24/04/2024

In the perfumery sector comes a novelty: hemp perfumes. Here are all the curiosities about these unique products

Who would have thought that CBD weed perfume would become the ingredient of some fragrances?

Until a few years ago probably few people.

Hemp and its unmistakable scent have always attracted disapproval glances. At the same time, however, there are those who have always loved this perfume.

And some perfumer houses have understood this. That is why they have included hemp essence not only in some of the new fragrances for the body, but also in some room fragrance.

But what are the particularities of these perfumes?

Will they become a new trend?

Here are the main curiosities.

Hand spraying hemp perfume

Hemp perfume: a novelty from the world of cosmetics

The scent of cannabis being appreciated by many people is hardly a surprise.

Many of our customers also buy legal CBD flowers for sale in our Justbob store to perfume home environments. This does not take away that being able to use a perfume with the essence of hemp for the body could amaze many people.

Apparently, some perfumery houses considered that some notes of the cannabis scent were very interesting and suitable especially for the realization of men’s perfumes (those usually more musky and grassy).

But what characteristics do the most common marijuana scents have?

Are they created exclusively with cannabis or are they mixed with other essences?

Of course, in order to ‘wear’ them with ease, the aromas of cannabis have been expertly mixed by the master perfumers with numerous other essences.

The scent of hemp goes well with the floral and citrus notes, with the fresh ones of pine and lavender and with many other combinations.

If you’re wondering what a cannabis scent might smell like, then, there’s no universal answer.

It all depends on the mix created by each company.

In any case, if you decide to try them, do not expect to smell of freshly cut grass or hemp burned with a spray.

Did you know that even well-known brands have included hemp essence in some of their high-class fragrances?

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How is hemp perfume produced?

The cannabis perfumes that you can find on the shelves of some perfumeries and shops around the world, can be made in two ways:

  • extracting the aromas and essential oils from the cannabis plant;
  • chemically recreating the aromas of marijuana, but without using the plant.

The second mode is the most used in locations where hemp is still illegal.

Where it is allowed to use some cannabis light substances in the cosmetics sector, the essential oil obtained from the plant itself is mostly used (be careful, however, we are not talking about CBD oil).

Once the method to introduce the hemp essence into the perfume has been chosen, it is mixed with the other aromas according to the formulas devised by the perfumers, perfectly balancing the top, heart and base notes.

Wrists with hemp scent

Why choose to use a marijuana-flavored perfume?

The particular scent of cannabis plants, expertly mixed with floral, spicy and fruity aromas in the most varied combinations, can give shape to a particular and unusual fragrances able to conquer many people.

After all we are talking about a very fragrant plant, which releases intense and unmistakable aromas.

The first reason to choose to buy a hemp essence is therefore the wide appreciation it receives everywhere.

But there is more to it than that.

It seems that, in the aromatherapy sector, the scent of marijuana is considered able to reduce emotional tensions and that it has a soothing and rebalancing effect. For this reason it is also very appreciated to perfume the environments.

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Cannabis perfumes: do they have a future?

Although they have only recently spread, it seems that hemp perfumes have found different success.

For now, it is difficult to understand if it is just a trend or if in the future cosmetics, the use of the particular essences released by CBD weed plants will further develop.

Whatever the future of hemp perfume is, the fact that you hear about it is, in general, already is a good sign for the world of cannabis.

The more this plant will be considered ‘normal’ and the more its many potentials can also be exploited in many other sectors.

After these curiosities, if you are a fan of cannabis and its derivatives, we invite you to visit our CBD online shop.

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