Bulldog legal marijuana: characteristics, aroma and effects

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Modified on: 07/12/2023

Do You Want To Buy The Legal Marijuana Bulldog Variety? Discover All The Features!

The Bulldog is one of the most renowned brands among classic and legal weed UK lovers. Anyone who has gone to Amsterdam must have been at least once before one of Europe’s oldest coffee shops. The Bulldog was founded in 1974 when Henk de Vries created one of the first coffee shops in the red light district of Amsterdam.

This place was dedicated to his dog, precisely a bulldog named Joris, whose head was destined to become one of the symbols of high-quality marijuana.

bulldog marijuana seeds bank

The Bulldog: the seeds bank

In addition to the famous Coffee shop chain, The Bulldog is also one of the most popular cannabis seeds bank for cannabis plant lovers. These are varieties selected for their extraordinary characteristics. Not only quality and concentration of cannabinoids, but also the aroma, the colours and the tastes.

The Bulldog presents numerous qualities of cannabis, all guaranteed and selected by the stocks that are named world champions every year.

Buying or growing Bulldog CBD weed has been described by many as a real space-time leap. From the present back to the first trip to Amsterdam, in search of the lost time.

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The Bulldog marijuana

The varieties of Bulldog marijuana that can be freely purchased are exclusively those genetically selected to have concentrations of THC according to the law (below 0.2%), as are all the products sold on our CBD flowers online shop.

It is about light Bulldog hemp, which preserves all the characteristics of the original plant, all the vast and complex interplay of aromas, flavors, and colors that have led those varieties to win, throughout history, the international Cannabis Cups.

But now let’s see all the Bulldog varieties that you can find in Italy.

The Bulldog Super Skunk

All cannabis connoisseurs have learned to recognize and love the Super Skunk variety, which at the beginning of the 1990s was the master, winning numerous competitions all over the world. It is a cross between an Afghan Hash Plant and a Skunk, resulting in a highly productive and medium-sized indica.

The Bulldog Super Skunk has a CBD concentration of 9.5%; THC is by the law and is around 0.2%.

Being a variety that comes from the best Indica varieties, the Bulldog Super Skunk shows compact and resinous inflorescences, with a sweet, very spicy, and bitter scent. The more trained noses can also recognize musky aromas and a reference to hashish, given the amount of resin of which the inflorescences are rich.

On the palate, the Bulldog Super Skunk presents a spicy and at the same time sweet taste, with an acidulous and slightly bitter aftertaste, able to satisfy both the most demanding consumers and allowing, instead, to the novices a full and satisfying experience.

Starting from the great classics, in fact, allows the most knowledgeable lovers to travel in the past and occasional consumers to relate to products of renowned quality.

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The Bulldog Royal Cheese marijuana photo

The Bulldog Royal Cheese

It is a cross between Cheese genetics and a Ruderalis, which presents a Hybrid composed of 30% Sativa, 50% Indica and 20% Ruderalis. It is about a plant that preserves the appearance of an Indica and, instead, presents the resistance of a Ruderalis and is easily cultivable like any Sativa.

CBD concentrations can reach 11%; THC respects the law and shows a concentration of about 0.2%.

It is a plant characterized by a predominantly Indica appearance, with dense and resin-rich inflorescences, called Cheese by a group of British growers who first selected the species precisely because of the intense aroma of cheese.

The aromas of cheese are also noticeable on the palate and the high concentrations of CBD make it particularly suitable to accompany relaxing activities or to indulge in a long restful sleep.

The Bulldog MoonRock

These are inflorescences of OG varieties, enriched with a concentrated oil, the Wax, and a sprinkling of kief. These are normal inflorescences enriched, therefore, with the resin produced by other glands of the cannabis plant, the trichomes.

Trichomes in nature produce an abundant amount of resin and other terpenes that normally serve to keep away from inflorescences and parasitic leaves and insects.

It is a very rich resin of cannabinoids which, added to inflorescences, generates MoonRock, an entirely natural product that presents concentrations of CBD up to 30%.

The Bulldog MoonRock is particularly suitable for experienced consumers and can give intense sensations. CBD concentrations border on those of CBD extracts and concentrates. They are ideal for enjoying moments of intense relaxation and for enjoying the best that the products of The Bulldog of Amsterdam can offer.