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What is synthetic marijuana, how to recognize it and why it could be very dangerous.

WHAT IS SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA, HOW TO RECOGNIZE IT AND WHY IT COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS. Other than CBD marijuana alarm: synthetic marijuana, a very different product from legal cannabis, is scaring many people. For example, in New Haven Green, a park in Connecticut, 72 overdoses were found, of which 6 were very close to death. […]

marijuana sativa or indica

MARIJUANA CAN BE INDICA OR SATIVA. DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO CANNABIS VARIETIES. When we talk about Cannabis and Cannabis Light we often focus on its effects and benefits. We talk about both THC and CBD, their properties and we remember to keep our eyes wide open on where to buy CBD weed and […]

Marijuana Amnesia Haze justbob

California Haze marijuana, the tropical blend with fruity flavors The California Haze is a cannabis plant (and CBD marijuana) of American origins, but its maximum diffusion occurred in the Netherlands. One of the indoor growing areas in Italy is located in the Upper Piedmont in a specially designed and highly controlled environment. This variety of marijuana, […]

Unearthing the world of legal weed in Europe

The marijuana craze and crave… It is fast becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day. The best part of it all is that the legalization of marijuana is going global, the Europen Union is not left out. Despite a lower explosion in European countries, the European CBD market share is touted to increase by […]

CBD Everywhere, a Miracle or a Fad?

Cannabidiol: the new magical elixir? “Branded as the new magical elixir, Cannabidiol is increasingly being used over a wide range of applications such as pharmaceuticals, dog treats, and even bath bombs just to mention but a few. This begs the question, does it do all this, or is it a fad being used to fix […]

THC: what is tetrahydrocannabinol?

THC: the most important active cannabis ingredient. The first cannabis crops date back more than 5000 years, probably in Central Asia and it is believed that it probably arrived in Europe at least in 500 B.C. No wonder then that marijuana has been used for a long time as a medicinal plant, seen and known […]

legal marijuana effects

SHORT HISTORY OF CANNABIS The Cannabis plant, also known as marijuana or ganja, has very ancient origins. This floristic species is also a unique case in the world: it is, in fact, used as a fiber, but is also exploited for its psychoactive properties. Its cultivation seems to date back to about 10,000 years ago, […]

Buying and delivering cannabis in the uk - is it still illegal?

Find out what the law says Are you wondering where cannabis is legal in Europe and the rest of the world? You have opened the right website, as we provide CBD flowers marketed with a laboratory analysis certification in accordance with the European legislation. Cannabis in the UK Marijuana still divides the world and governments […]


THE MOST POPULAR VARIETIES AND THEIR CHARACTERISTICS CBD cannabis, defined by many as “marijuana that doesn’t bust,” is a product that has received a huge success, as it is lighter and has no psychotropic effects. A legal alternative to classic marijuana with a high THC content is, therefore, becoming available on the market, without forgetting […]