Cannabis experimentation in Switzerland: here are the details

The cannabis trial has come into effect in Switzerland

Modified on: 19/10/2023

Swiss hemp experimentation: what’s this innovation? Why is it important and what’s its purpose?

There are news in the world of cannabis, CBD weed and the testing of their effects.

From 15 May 2021, an amendment to the LStup (Federal Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) will come into force, offering the possibility of carrying out pilot experiments on the use of hemp for recreational purposes.

This is a very important opportunity, which will take place in Switzerland and which will provide a scientific basis for making future decisions about hemp laws in an informed manner.

Here are all the details on the Swiss hemp trials.

Swiss hemp trials: that’s what they’re for

The fact that laws on the production, sale, and consumption of ‘CBD‘ and ‘non’ hemp are still the subject of debate and different frictions in most European countries is since too little is known about the effects of recreational cannabis.

There are those who consider this plant potentially harmful and those who consider it a resource, but in the meantime confusion is rampant.

The aim of this pilot trial, which will take place in Switzerland, thanks to a law valid for 10 years, is to provide a solid scientific basis for discussing the effects of hemp and its use without leaving room for misunderstandings.

The purpose of cannabis experimentation in Switzerland

Are you wondering why these trials are taking place in Switzerland?

Well, the reason for this is that although it is forbidden to grow, import and sell hemp in Switzerland, the consumption of this plant and its derivatives (CBD oil, hashish, etc.) is very high!

This means that the black market for this product is very prosperous and that consumer safety is very low.

Basically, the experiments on Swiss hemp were created to have clear data on the effects of cannabis, so that alternatives to the current laws could be considered, with certain data in hand.

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What will the pilot trial on Swiss hemp focus on?

Numerous studies are currently being carried out in many parts of the world on the properties of cannabis-derived cannabinoids (such as CBD, THC and CBG), but examining their effects mainly for therapeutic purposes.

It is no coincidence that CBD and other cannabinoids have recently been included as ingredients in several medicines (mainly abroad).

The pilot trial that will soon begin in Switzerland will focus on the effects of recreational (non-medical) cannabis use among several adults.

Through controlled access to a circle of participants in cannabis use, it will be possible to monitor any changes and/or symptoms related to their mental and physical health.

Not only that, but these pilot trials will also be useful in assessing many other aspects.

Wondering which ones?

They will assess whether cannabis users may have behavioral repercussions in different contexts, such as:

  • family and social relationships.
  • work (paying attention to productivity and absenteeism).
  • public safety.

At the same time, it will be possible to understand what it will mean to weaken the illegal drug market.

Purchase of products for hemp experiments switzerland

Testing methods: utmost care and strict controls

Testing of the effects of recreational CBD cannabis and its derivatives, such as CBD flowers, use will be done in a very thorough manner.

Those who participate in the cannabis consumption trial will be able to buy marijuana and its derivatives legally, without running the risk of criminal prosecution.

The products will be distributed in special points of sale, where staff, after extensive training, will be able to make buyers aware of the risks of consumption.

Of course, hemp and its derivatives cannot be sold to people under 18 years of age.

It must also be said that the stores in question, being a means of experimentation, will not be able to carry out any kind of advertising.

As for the products, they will be subjected to very strict quality and safety controls.

The monitoring of the products will start from the seed to the product ready for final distribution.

In addition to guaranteeing consumers the possibility of purchasing safe, high quality products, these measures will also be an excellent weapon against the black market, which will never be able to guarantee the same quality standards.

In addition to this, it should be added that it will be forbidden to consume cannabis and its derivatives in public places, that constant medical checks will be carried out during the trial (for participants in the project) and that this trial will only be carried out on adults who are already users.

In addition, everyone may consume a maximum of 10 g of THC per month.

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To conclude

The experiments on Swiss hemp foreseen by the amendment of the LStup, in force since 15 May 2021, will go down in history.

The data that will be collected will change, for better or worse, the approach to the laws on the use, sale, and cultivation of hemp throughout Europe and probably beyond.

After this great step forward in knowledge, we now must wait for hard data and say goodbye to supposition, which has always caused so much chaos.

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