Why is it still possible to buy marijuana online in 2024?

Why is it still possible to buy marijuana online in 2024?

Modified on: 02/04/2024


Some of these regulations have led to revolutionary changes, particularly concerning CBD cannabis. Buying marijuana online is possible, thanks to the patient determination of so many people.

Each long-awaited change has become a reality thanks to the work of many people: politicians, citizens and enthusiasts of the precious plant.

Why precious? The legal marijuana plant (also known as CBD cannabis) contains a compound known to all and called CBD.

It is a very common substance in cannabis, and many studies carried out by the scientific community confirm the positive effects of this compound on human well-being.

Scientific evidence speaks of its relaxing properties, anti-inflammatory potential and useful properties for relieving various types of pain.

It is no coincidence that doctors have the possibility of prescribing therapies using CBD oil based products to treat certain illnesses. As we know, there is also the possibility of prescribing THC-based products. In the latter case, always and only for medical purposes!

Going back to the revelations of those who believe that the plant is precious, and buying marijuana online (to collect it) is not harmful … have you heard the latest news? In the JustBob blog, we’d like to tell you what has happened so far, and the latest events.

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Why is it still possible to buy marijuana online in 2023?

Buying marijuana online is not illegal, and CBD cannabis is on probation.

To reach a dialogue with the institutions, part of the population has organised itself to protest, because many people think that we should not back down on the issue of marijuana and CBD oils for the time being.

Buying marijuana online should also become a problem.

And as for the battles of recent years, perhaps something has been achieved through small “revolts” against current and past prohibitionist acts. The last chronological item was issued, signed and withdrawn a few days later by the Minister of Health, Speranza in Italy (JustBob’s home country), thanks to the peaceful popular and institutional uprisings he had provoked.

A mass fast was announced, and a letter was even sent to the ministry to draw attention to the problem. It seems that parliamentarians and journalists were involved to ensure that the unscientific nature of individual decisions was condemned.

It has only happened in the last ten or fifteen days (between October and November. But have you ever thought about what has been done to arrive at the current situation?

Admittedly, the situation of CBD cannabis and its derivatives is not idyllic. Still, the worst thing is that it is endless, and we should not underestimate the results achieved so far.

In Italy, if the minister had not suspended the decree signed and published in the Official Gazette, any “composition” containing cannabidiol would have been considered a narcotic in the eyes of the law.

Although it is the substance that causes the psychotropic effect, CBD Flowers, the CBD online, and many other products would have become entirely illegal.

As a result, an entire production sector was threatened with collapse. All companies operating in this market would have been banned overnight after so much investment.

Furthermore, the decree was in contradiction with the WHO initiative to remove the cannabis plant from the legislative table, which contains plants, derivatives and chemical compounds that are harmful to health and have no therapeutic value.

What was the turning point for the Italian cannabis market?

Legally speaking, Italy has turned everything upside down with law 242/2016. It came into force in January 2017 and contained the “provisions to promote the cultivation and agro-industrial chain of cannabis”.

A legislative decree that also became a reality to enhance the “sustainable” characteristics of the plant.

It was the beginning of the revolution: the basic rules for the legal cultivation of Sativa cannabis for industrial use.

Article 2 of Law 242/2016 focuses on the products that can be obtained from CBD weed, for example, cosmetics, food and also materials useful for bio-engineering projects. A precious plant, as I said, and rich.

Thanks to this (legislative) measure, it is now also possible to buy marijuana online.

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What was the turning point for the Italian cannabis market?

Another example of small revolutions? The qualitative approach of our CBD JustBob cannabis online shop: the selection of the best certified-producers.

These producers only use legally required CBD seeds. Above all, they are committed to taking care of the plantations, taking into account the needs of all types of legal marijuana.

For those who live in places where the consumption of hashish is authorised, we recommend that amateurs only buy from producers who certify the inflorescences and, in all cases, the percentages of existing and CBD insured: synonymous with efficiency.

It is what only Just Bob does to ensure that each production batch is analysed in the laboratory in compliance with the applicable legislation (when selling collector’s items).

Online products are therefore compliant, the THC is less than 1%, and collectors can be satisfied.