ScrOG cultivation: how the screen of green technique works

how scrOG culture works

Modified on: 30/10/2023

The screen of green cultivation technique (explained easily)

How does the green screen technique work?

Many people have asked themselves this question, and if you have decided to open this article, you certainly have too.

Used by many growers for indoor cannabis and for CBD buds, it is said to improve yield due to a fundamental but underestimated aspect by many.

Which is?

To answer your question, this article will look at how ScrOG cultivation works and why it is considered more advantageous than other techniques.

example of ScrOG cultivation

What is meant by ScrOG, and what are its advantages (compared to other cultivation techniques)

ScrOG (short for ‘Screen Of Green’) is a process of stretching and securing the branches of cannabis plants using ropes, ropes, or nets to obtain better yields.

This technique stretches the branches of marijuana plants within a net until they create a uniform canopy: an actual green screen.

But what are its advantages? Here are the main ones:

  • light can hit more branches, thus producing more buds and higher yields;
  • air can flow more through the plant, helping to reduce mould and pests;
  • the branches receive structural support so that the heavy tops do not weigh down the plant and break the branches;
  • the plants are easier to work on because the branches are more widely spaced.

All branches above the screen—i.e. the canopy—will be filled with thick buds, while most of the foliage below will be obscured.

Getting rid of the lower branches is essential, as the absence of light will lead to the production of poor-quality buds and products such as hashish.

By doing so, the plant can concentrate its energy above the foliage.

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A step-by-step guide to indoor ScrOG cultivation

Cannabis or CBD weed growers who decide to use ScrOG cultivation first take care of topping or cutting the plant’s branches and only set up the netting all around. In this way, the branches will grow into it and will not need to be set later.

ScrOG works best when combined with topping because it helps to maintain

  • branches of similar length;
  • uniform foliage.

Furthermore, it is essential to monitor the plants weekly and help the branches pass through the net during the growth phase.

Now, let us see how to practice this technique for information purposes.

  • First, you place the net about thirty centimetres above the base of plants of more or less similar height.
  • Start at a corner and proceed along the edges, finally reaching the centre of the screen.
  • Once this has been done, it is crucial that each plant have the necessary space to grow: ideally, the branches should intertwine with those of other plants, which means that there should be about 30-60 centimetres between one pot and the next.

💡Extra tip: a better way to assess the distance is to stretch the most extended branch of one plant towards the one next to it: if it reaches the middle of the following plant, it is too close; preferably, it should overlap the longest branch of the adjacent plant by about fifteen centimetres.

  • For good results, it is essential to work methodically, placing all the branches of one plant in the net before moving on to the next.
  • Finally, it is a good idea to water the plants within 24 hours of the procedure and check it immediately following days.

indoor ScrOG cultivation

How to position marijuana branches correctly with ScrOG cultivation

For many growers of CBD cannabis too, ScrOG is a real art because you have to put several plants together and stretch their branches, so they do not grow on top or shade each other out.

The ends of the net have to interlock with the branches of the cannabis plants around it as if they were joined hands.

In short, it is anything but simple.

You understand that this technique involves ‘reading’ a plant to understand precisely what it needs, which is why experienced people should only practise it.

But there is more.

You have to know that each branch has a different length and that there is no exact measurement for the distance between plants or branches—although we estimated approximate figures just now.

The important thing is to fill each square mesh of the screen with a single branch, avoiding putting two branches in a square and trying not to leave any gaps.

This ensures that each branch receives enough space and light and that the screen is used to its full potential.

The more light each branch receives, the larger the shoots will be.

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In this article, we have seen what the ScrOG cultivation technique consists of and why it is considered most effective by many legal marijuana growers.

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