How to store cannabis seeds correctly?

Cannabis seed storage guide

Modified on: 30/10/2023

A guide to storing cannabis seeds correctly

If one does not start with good seeds, it will be difficult for a grower to produce a high-quality marijuana harvest (or CBD flowers). And this starts with proper seed storage.

Not only that: storing them the right way means making sure they last the longer.

But how to do this? It has to be said that there are numerous factors that contribute to good seed condition, and they are:

  • light;
  • temperature;
  • humidity;
  • storage time;
  • presence of insects and pests.

But let us go in order. In this article, we have put together a concise guide to explain how to store seeds in the right way.

how to store cannabis seeds

1. Light, temperature and humidity

It is essential to store seeds in a cool, dark and dry place, preferably in their original packaging. When exposed to changes in temperature or light, cannabis seeds begin to deplete their nutrient reserves, which would affect their germination process.

So, what is the right temperature?

The best temperature for storing cannabis seeds is 6-8 °C. The lower it is, the less likely the seeds are to germinate unexpectedly. In fact, experienced growers tend to have special refrigerators to store them in.

Another option is to freeze cannabis seeds, provided they have been vacuum-packed beforehand.

What about moisture?

Here is a quick overview of what is likely to happen to cannabis seeds according to different humidity levels:

  • <8%: the seeds will attract insects and other pests.
  • 9—20%: seeds are more likely to develop fungus inside and out. However, 8-10% humidity is ideal for long-term storage (if in the right conditions).
  • 21—30%: this is the ideal humidity level for storing cannabis seeds.
  • 31—60%: this percentage is perfect for germinating seeds, especially when the humidity level exceeds 40%.
  • >61%: the higher the humidity level, the more the seeds are endangered. Once 80% is reached, they will wither and die in about 12 hours.

As you may have guessed, cannabis seeds need a specific humidity level to be stored: if it is too high, the seeds will rot, if it is too low—around 8-10%—it is only suitable for long-term storage.

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2. The right storage options for cannabis seeds

You have now realized that it is important to store seeds away from direct light. We have also emphasized the need for relatively low humidity and a fridge temperature.

But let us come to the next point: you should know that there are several options depending on how long you intend to store your seeds.

#1 Short-term

In this case, a dark drawer or cupboard is sufficient.

The most important thing, regardless of the duration of storage, is to avoid fluctuations in temperature and humidity, which could destroy the seeds or the CBD bud seeds.

Finally, for short-term storage, it is preferable to place the seeds in a container with desiccant, seal it and store it in the cool, dark place of your choice.

#2 Medium-term

When moving to medium-term storage (many months), it is time to use an airtight container, such as a glass jar or Ziploc bag.

Once this is done, the container should be stored in a refrigerator, preferably one designed for seeds. Keep in mind that continuously opening the appliance can cause considerable temperature fluctuations.

#3 Long-term

For long-term storage (we are talking about at least six months), you should use a vacuum-packed container, place it in a dark container and store it in the fridge.

 storing cannabis seeds

3. Insects and Pests

Unfortunately, it only takes one insect inside a container to destroy all the seeds.

As we mentioned earlier, the first consideration is to avoid exposure to excessively low humidity.

One option is to spread diatomaceous earth, an excellent natural insecticide; be careful, however: it should only be used if the seeds are not in contact with other foods!

Another tip is to store the seeds as high as possible above the ground: this reduces the possibility of a pest, such as a rodent, entering and feeding on them.

Finally, insects and pests thrive in dirty storage.

Consequently, it is necessary to ensure that the storage area remains clean. Otherwise, not only will pests be attracted, but also microbes will form that will damage the seeds.

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In this article we have gathered all the salient information on the proper storage of cannabis seeds. By taking care of aspects such as temperature, light and humidity, you can have your seeds last longer and ensure that they retain their nutritional properties.

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