Red marijuana: here are all the details of Red marijuana

red marijuana

Modified on: 16/05/2023

What is the Red marijuana, characteristics and effects

Those who do not know the world of hemp well can end up believing that this huge reality is limited to illegal Marijuana and CBD Cannabis.

But the reality of Cannabis is vast and collects multiple aspects, not only those dedicated to the use of this for combustion. For example, there are different types of Marijuana, each with specific details and effects more or less dedicated to the body and mind.

An example is Red Marijuana, a plant compound famous for its extremely sedative properties and for the help it can give in managing various disorders.

Let’s find out what we are talking about.

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What is Red Marijuana and how it differs from other types of cannabis

Red Marijuana is a genetically selected plant, it means that it is created by combining three kinds of cannabis: Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa. We are therefore talking about an extremely rare plant.

During flowering the plants acquire a purplish or reddish color with strongly dark tones in the area that concerns the peaks and leaves. This transformation involves about 80% of the plants.

Once collected and dried, the buds will become a dark purple color, with strong shades tending to black. This aesthetic aspect and the typical nuances give this plant the name of Red.

We focus our attention on what concerns Ruderalis genetics for a moment. It is the influence of this variety that causes the plant in question to have a self-induced flowering phase, remaining stable throughout the growth cycle.

Another very well-known and loved aspect of Red is its fragrance.

This is also a good sign to know if we are buying good inflorescences or a compound that tries to imitate its essence.

The smell of the Red is unrepeatable, the fruity notes mix perfectly with those of the moss and its relaxing effects lead the consumer to be unable to do practically without having tried it.

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How to grow red marijuana in the best way

Initially, the growing Red may remember an Indica-Sativa hybrid. In fact, we immediately notice a certain vigor in the plant, demonstrating a strong resistance of the buds and leaves to the stress conditions to which they can end up being subjected to.

There are different reasons, in addition to aesthetic and olfactory ones, to make Red marijuana so loved. Like the fact that this cannabis variety has an average percentage of THC that varies between 14 and 16%. We are talking about a quantity that is not extremely high, but certainly above average.

To make growers love this plant so much is also its genetics, since we are talking about an autoflowering, able to germinate in just 8 weeks. The Red is also recognized by the fact that it produces buds rich in a very aromatic resin.

Its nature is perfectly suited to any type of cultivation, both indoor and outdoor, but giving different results depending on the choice.

If we choose the Outdoor we will have a very high product, with longer cultivation times. This will allow us to take better care of the tops and leaves, even if Red is very resistant to it.

In the case of the Indoor, the growth will still be high and the final product more than conspicuous, but the neophytes of the crop could have some to immediately manage all aspects of the Indoor cultivation (lights, room temperature, ventilation system).

red marijuana type

What are the effects of Red Marijuana

The Red is best known for its hybrid effects, which simultaneously offer great relief to the body and the mind.

There is no THC level so high to risk real catatonic states or moments of alteration, but surely the Red will give you a lasting feeling of relaxation and will help you find refreshment.

Whoever uses it, testifies to feel before any other thing the feeling of being hit by a wave of lightness and relief, feeling the muscles that slowly melt and abandon themselves.

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A sense of well-being involves the body and the mind, taking possession of it and letting all the negative thoughts and stress accumulated during the day just passed slip away.

The Red is highly recommended for those who must not only manage anxiety or stress problems, but also to treat more serious situations such as chronic pain, arthritis, tremors or spasms.

The effect lasts for about a couple of hours, in which the consumer is never completely out of his mind, nor does he risk falling asleep suddenly on the sofa.

What the Red proposes to the consumer is a momentary but total peace.

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