Bat guano: what it consists of and why it is used for cannabis cultivation

What does bat guano consist of?

Of natural origin, it is an excellent ally when it comes to growing plants.

If you are in one of the countries where cannabis cultivation is permitted by law, it is no wonder that you are reading up on the best ways to help your seedlings grow strong, healthy, and above all, thriving.

You will be amazed at how many ways bat guano can help you in your goal!

If you are interested in learning more, read the article.

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What is bat guano?

By the term guano, we refer to bat droppings.

That’s right! The material produced by these small mammals represents a natural fertiliser that is very rich in nutrients essential for the flourishing growth of plants.

In particular, guano abounds in phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium, which, as you may know, are essential elements for plant development.

Let us see how these three elements can help our plants grow strong and healthy.

Phosphorus has a dual action: it stimulates root development and promotes more abundant flowering. Not bad if your goal is to obtain large, healthy buds.

Cannabis buds

On the other hand, nitrogen gives its most significant contribution during the vegetative phase, ensuring vigorous growth.

As far as potassium is concerned, we can say that it is the main ally of branches and stems. Therefore, an adequate supply of this element ensures the growth of strong branches.

But the advantages of guano do not end there!

This natural fertiliser also has an exceptionally high concentration of numerous other micronutrients, which are essential for the proper and vigorous development of the good plants that benefit from it.

The characteristics of guano, as you can easily imagine, depend directly on the diet of the animals that produce it: bats!

As you may know, there are several species. Some base their diet on insects, while others on fruit.

Bats that feed on insects, which make up the majority, will produce guano that is very rich in nitrogen, which, as I said before, is a valuable aid in the vegetative phase.

Megabats, on the other hand – this is the name given to bats that eat fruit and vegetables – produce guano with a high concentration of phosphorous. The fertiliser produced by this bat species is therefore particularly suitable in the flowering phase, during which plants, and thus also cannabis, most need this kind of support.

If you are wondering where to get your number one ally, don’t worry.

It is straightforward to find on the market. There are even specific formats for the different phases of the growth cycle.

More specifically, let’s see why you should consider using guano if you are planning (where permitted) to grow your marijuana seedlings.

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Why is it useful in cannabis cultivation?

If you want to obtain excellent organic marijuana, guano is just the right fertiliser for you if you wish to grow indoors or outdoors.

The benefits of bat droppings for plant growth are numerous. Let us look at them together:

  • helps remove toxic elements from the soil, protecting the roots;
  • it changes the consistency of the soil. If the soil were too crumbly, the guano would help it retain water better; on the contrary, used on soil that is too compact, it would loosen its texture, favouring better water filtration;
  • is a slow-release fertiliser;
  • promotes the decomposition of spent material, accelerating the composting process;
  • has antifungal properties;
  • regulates the pH of the soil;
  • combined with other additives, it favours the creation of colonies of microorganisms in the root zone;
  • its high concentration of phosphorus and potassium ensures nice, thick buds and strong branches capable of supporting them;
  • fuels the creation of an intense and persistent terpene profile during the flowering phase;
  • its valuable micro-and macronutrients support and fortify the marijuana plant and soil throughout its growth phases.

As you can see, the benefits that adding guano can bring to your plants are remarkable!

Let’s now look at some practical tips on how to make the most of it, reaping numerous benefits.

Cultivation of cannabis

How to make the most of bat guano’s properties.

There is only one thing left to do: to understand in detail how to use this natural fertiliser with a thousand potentials in the cultivation of your cannabis seedlings.

There are several ways of using guano. Below we examine the main ones.

Bat guano is an ingredient in organic soil mixtures.

Guano can be mixed with other natural elements such as rock dust, chicken guano, or coconut fibre. In this way, you will create a soil super rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients beneficial for your cannabis seedlings.

In this case, the expert advice of the seed seller, who will be able to tell you the most suitable quantities for you, may be helpful.

Diluted bat guano as fertiliser.

A further method of making the most of the nutritional properties of bat droppings is to dilute them in water and then use them to fertilise the soil.

This rapid and easy method is an excellent solution, even for those who have just started growing or do not want to make life too complicated.

To prepare the miracle liquid, dissolve a tablespoon of guano in a litre of hot water. Be careful, though! To avoid irreparably damaging the microorganisms living in the guano, the water you use mustn’t be boiling.

Once you have prepared the solution, you only need to let it sit for at least one night. Then you are ready to use your fertiliser, spraying the soil once a week.

Bat guano as a soil conditioner.

There is also a third way to best enjoy guano’s benefits to your cannabis seedlings: add it to the soil, like any fertiliser.

In this case, all you have to do is lay a certain amount of guano just under the mulch and then proceed to water the soil.

To conclude.

Did you ever think you could reap so many benefits from bat guano?

If you are considering taking up cannabis cultivation or simply looking for an all-natural alternative to commercial chemical fertilisers, you now have a new ally!

Guano lends itself to many different uses and, as you have read, is rich in many nutrients that can make a difference in cultivating your cannabis seedlings!

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