Does CBD oil lower blood pressure and fight hypertension? The opinion of science

CBD oil lowers blood pressure | Justbob

Modified on: 30/10/2023

Among its many (supposed) beneficial effects, there is also that of reducing the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, among the most frequent causes of death in the uk.

In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) has aroused the interest of the scientific community due to its therapeutic potential.

In particular, some recent studies have highlighted its potential benefits in the treatment of arterial hypertension, which is a clinical condition characterized by high pressure in the arteries of the systemic circulation.

Here we review the most recent studies testing CBD-based products on humans for their impact on blood pressure.

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Why high blood pressure is dangerous and what causes it

High blood pressure is a fairly common problem, which goes hand in hand with the spread of so-called well-being pathologies and exposes us to the risk of suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart attack and stroke, to be clear).

More specifically, a condition of arterial hypertension occurs when blood pressure values exceed the acceptable limit: 80 mmHg minimum or diastolic pressure and 120 mmHg maximum or systolic pressure.

Among the causes of this clinical condition, some are not modifiable, such as heredity, others, however, are, such as a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.

Sedentary jobs are a cause of high blood pressure | Justbob

It can be deduced that by acting on modifiable risk factors, thus modifying lifestyle, it is possible to reduce blood pressure and, consequently, also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

CBD and blood pressure: what do the studies say?

According to what emerged from the first results of research on the effects of CBD (and CBD product such as CBD flowers) on blood pressure, cannabidiol could provide valid help to all those who suffer from excessively high blood pressure, also known as arterial hypertension.

In particular, this substance seems to have a positive effect on several factors that can increase the risk of hypertension.

The risk factors, as we have anticipated, are many: stress, advanced age, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, genetic predisposition, smoking, alcohol consumption, incorrect diet.

Although almost all of these risk factors can be kept under control by lifestyle changes, in recent years there has been a considerable growth of interest in the medical and scientific world towards CBD cannabis, in terms of its influence on blood pressure and blood pressure. cardiovascular health.

To understand how Cannabidiol could affect hypertension, we must start from the scientific evidence collected in recent years.

Although very promising, studies exploring the potential beneficial effects of CBD on blood pressure are still few and far between (also due to the small number of participants).

With that said, let’s look at the most encouraging results that have emerged from the studies.

In 2017, research conducted by the University of Nottingham and published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, investigated the relationship between CBD and blood pressure.

During the study, the trend of cardiovascular parameters (including blood pressure) was monitored in a sample of nine people who were given a 600mg dose of CBD or, alternatively, a placebo.

At the end of the investigation, the researchers verified that the administration of cannabidiol reduces the maximum (or systolic) pressure both under normal conditions and in stressful situations (which cause an increase in the pressure itself).

This aspect also arises from a systematic review of studies on the effects of cannabidiol on blood pressure, carried out by a team of researchers from the Royal Derby Hospital Center of the University of Nottingham.

In fact, in their review, the scientists found that CBD could lower blood pressure and heart rate even when subjects are under stress.

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Cannabis seed oil for food use: a valid ally against hypertension

Cannabis seed oil for food use | Justbob

If we exclude genetic predisposition, the risk factor to which more attention must be paid is an incorrect diet.

In the past, several studies have already been carried out in the field of nutrition that have shown how the nutrients contained in hemp seeds, if they are integrated into the daily diet in adequate amounts, can promote a healthier and more balanced diet, which is essential to keep the pressure under control.

In 2014, an investigation was carried out, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, on guinea pigs fed with hemp seed meal.

During the study, a greater decrease in systolic (maximal) blood pressure was found in mice fed with cannabis-based food, compared to those in the control group.

From this comparison, the researchers deduced that cannabis-derived food products could represent a valid complementary therapy for the prevention and control of high blood pressure.

In conclusion

The best weapon to reduce the risk of hypertension is prevention.

If the first results are confirmed, therefore, CBD would become an integral part of a prevention strategy, being able to play an important role in keeping blood pressure under control and protecting the cardiovascular system.

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