CBD Crumble: everything you need to know about this form of cannabis

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Modified on: 12/01/2024


Cannabidiol concentrates are well known especially for their immediate and powerful calming effects, as well as their ability to help with pain, fight stress and improve sleep.

So, crumble CBD is undoubtedly a very interesting alternative to receive the benefits of this special cannabinoid.

For this reason we invite you to continue reading this article, because we will talk about this product in a new light.

Let’s start!

Crumble CBD | Justbob What is CBD crumble and how it is produced

CBD Crumble is basically a concentrated cannabis extract with a waxy but crumbly texture, very potent and rich in CBD, as the name suggests, as well as flavonoids, terpenes, essential oils and even plant amino acids. We can state that crumble CBD reminds of CBD extracts and shatters.

This product is what is called a full spectrum extract, which means that its similarity to the original composition of the plant is very high, but with a complete complement of therapeutic compounds within it.

How is it obtained?

We know that CBD is made from hemp. This is in the form of oil and can therefore be transformed into a crumble with very low THC content but with a very high CBD content. And because THC is low, turns out to be a safe substance that does not cause the typical sensation of ‘high’, nor is capable of causing harm to health.

In this regard, I would say that the question arises: what are the benefits of CBD crumble?

Let’s find out right away.

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These are the benefits of CBD crumble that you (probably) didn’t know

First of all, it guarantees rapid and effective pain relief.

One of the most beneficial features of CBD crumble is the quick relief that every individual experiences. In some cases of disease, CBD is even more recommended than THC because THC is an anxiolytic compound. CBD, on the other hand, delivers much better results and can be used as a strong tranquilizer or timoanalectic. On Justbob, you can find a series of similar products to crumble CBD, such as shatter CBD Lemon and Gorilla.

Inhaling the crumbled CBD through vaporization, for example, will give you a quick relief. In fact, when CBD is inhaled, it is ingested through the lungs and then directly enters the bloodstream.

But that’s not all.

It is important to know that CBD crumble is suitable for everyday use compared to alternatives such as medical marijuana. By using CBD, you don’t get the impression that you are ‘in care’, so it allows many to continue working and be productive. According to many patients, CBD is a great tool for relieving pain, especially chronic pain.

Finally, as mentioned above, CBD has the characteristic of reducing stress and anxiety and improving the quality of sleep (with a few drops of CBD oil!)

Crumble CBD | Justbob How to consume CBD crumble

CBD crumble is a legal concentrate that can be used in various ways. So let’s see the most common.


Like any grubbing, crumble CBD can be used in dab, with the difference that no psychoactive effects occur, as THC is not present (except in very small amounts). On the other hand, you will feel the immediate effects of CBD actively and quickly. To do this, you need to have the necessary equipment: a dab rig, a flashlight, a dabber, etc. Better yet, you can get a vaporizer that can take concentrates and CBD flowers.

To use it, it is necessary to heat the nail with a blowtorch. This piece is associated with the glass pipe and you can put the concentrate on it to vaporize it. CBD is then sucked in by a mouthpiece, while the heat modifies the crumbling making it easier to inhale through the mouth.

The advantage of this consumption is that it allows individuals to refine and define the amount of CBD best suited to them. However, it is advisable to start with a small dose and increase as you go.

Electronic liquid for vaping

Crumbled CBD can be combined with propylene glycol for those who like vaping. You should opt for a dose of 200 mg of CBD per 5 ml of PG. It is necessary to heat the solution so that the dissolution is effective. After this step, you need to increase 5ml of vegetable glycerin. This way you will get an e-liquid to the taste of hashish.

Crumbled in the tobacco

Let’s talk about combustion. This is probably not the best way to enjoy the effects of CBD, but it’s still affordable. This type of CBD crumble contains the full spectrum of hemp, allowing the cigarette to have a terpene taste.

In the kitchen

You probably didn’t expect this, but you can use the CBD crumble in the kitchen. In fact, it can be used to make butter, but it will show all its flavors in the preparation of sauces. You need to know that CBD metabolism does not occur in the same way when it comes to ingestion or inhalation, so the effects will be much lower.

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CBD concentrates: CBD crumbles and the others products of pure CBD

cannabis light concentrates, including crumbles, have become increasingly popular in the realm of CBD products, offering consumers a potent and versatile option for their wellness needs. These concentrates, extracted from hemp, come in various forms, such as crumbles, shatter, and wax, each with its unique characteristics.

CBD Crumble: CBD crumble are a form of CBD concentrate that resembles small, granulated crystals or pieces. Derived from hemp, these crumbles contain pure CBD, with the extraction process carefully preserving the cannabinoid’s integrity. One of the key advantages of CBD crumbles lies in their versatility. Users can choose to vape, smoke, or even infuse them into oils or edibles for consumption.

CBD Shatter and Wax: In addition to crumbles, cannabis light concentrates are available in other forms such as shatter and wax. CBD shatter is a translucent, brittle substance, while wax has a softer, more pliable texture. Both varieties offer high concentrations of CBD, ensuring that users receive a potent dose of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Terpenes and Cannabinoids: What sets cannabis light concentrates apart is their rich terpene profile, which contributes to the overall taste and therapeutic effects. Terpenes, extracted from the hemp plant, provide a natural and authentic taste, enhancing the overall CBD experience. Furthermore, CBD concentrates may contain other cannabinoids like CBC (cannabichromene), adding to the potential health effects.

Purity and Testing: Quality is paramount when it comes to cannabis light concentrates. Reputable manufacturers ensure that their products are rigorously tested for purity and potency. Certified lab tests verify the absence of heavy metals and other contaminants, assuring consumers that they are getting a clean and safe product.

CBD for Wellness: Many users turn to cannabis light concentrates for their potential wellness effects. CBD is known for its ability to treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety and stress. With a concentrated form like crumbles, users can tailor their dosage to meet their specific needs.

Shopping Tips: When looking to purchase cannabis light concentrates, consumers should consider factors such as the terpene profile, purity, and the quantity of cannabis light per serving. It’s essential to shop from reputable sources that offer certified products, ensuring that you get value for your money and minimizing any potential risks associated with subpar products.

CBD concentrates, including crumbles, offer a potent and flexible option for those seeking the effects of cannabis light. Whether you prefer crumbles, shatter, or wax, the diverse range of cannabis light concentrate products allows users to find a suitable option that aligns with their preferences and wellness goals. As the cannabis light market continues to expand, consumers can confidently explore these concentrated forms for a personalized and effective cannabis light experience.


In this article we have seen what is meant by crumble CBD, how it is obtained and what are its uses and effects.

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