Moroccan hashish online: 3 things to know to avoid risks

Moroccan hashish online

Modified on: 01/09/2023

The purchase of Moroccan hashish, without the right precautions, can be very risky from various points of view: here are the main ones

Among the many derivatives of marijuana, one of the most widespread and appreciated is undoubtedly hashish and Moroccan hashish, representing a third (or, in some periods, even half) of the legal hash marketed all over the world.

During the year between 2015 and 2016, for example, about 700 tons of cannabis were produced in Morocco, which, in large part, was then transformed into hashish: an excessive amount!

Although this country is one of the largest producers of ‘smoke’ globally, sometimes buying hashish from Morocco online can be risky.

Here we talk about illegality, the issue of cutting and all the risks related to the purchase of this product.

Here’s everything you should know.

view of a city in Morocco

Hashish in Morocco: did you know it’s illegal?

In the introduction, we already said that Morocco is one of the largest producers of hashish globally, so it will leave you speechless to know that all activities related to this product are prohibited!

In Morocco, it is considered illegal to both produce and sell and consume hashish!

The penalties in this regard are severe and, for that caught red-going, it can even reach up to 10 years of imprisonment.

But how is it possible, then, that the government fails to block this massive production of the product?

Moroccan hashish tends to be considered a high-quality product, so it is in demand worldwide. This enormous success has meant that the industry and exports linked to it have become the primary source of livelihood for its population.

To all this, we want to add that the area where most of the hashish is produced is also considered the poorest, so the population to survive is willing to risk big.

It is precisely from here that all the risks of buying Moroccan hashish online start.

Let’s find out in detail.

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Buying Moroccan hashish in the UK is illegal

In the UK, as you probably already know, it is allowed to buy only legal CBD cannabis and hashish varieties, i.e., those that have a quantity of THC less than 0.2%.

However, the hashish produced in Morocco usually does not fall into the products of this category, so buying Moroccan smoke means, essentially, putting yourself in danger.

To collect this type of product (consumption in the UK is prohibited) and enjoy its particular spicy aromas. Therefore, the idea is to rely on specialized CBD shops, which offer hashish made according to the Moroccan method, but in a light version.

Illegal hashish, leavened price and unsafe deliveries

The fact that growing marijuana and producing hashish is illegal in Morocco has the consequence of rising prices. The transport of plants and smoke leaves is hazardous, so those who take care of them charge a lot of money.

To give you an idea of what we mean, consider that among the various passages from Morocco to Europe, the price of hashish can even increase up to 300-400%.

When you buy Moroccan hashish, the price can sometimes be disproportionate to the quantity because what you are going to pay in the end is the cost of risk.

When it comes to buying Moroccan hashish online, moreover, being an illegal and therefore uncontrolled product, there is a risk of paying very high figures for goods that may not arrive or arrive incomplete.

Moroccan hashish

Beware of cut hashish

As mentioned before, the region where the largest amount of hashish is produced in Morocco (in the Rif mountains) is also the poorest.

Hashish producers are practically exploited, and, for them, the payment of even a single kilo of extra product can make a decisive difference.

It is precisely for this reason that in Morocco and many other places in the world, the tendency to cut hashish has spread, that is, to add substances (such as pine or fir tree resin) to cannabis resin, to increase the weight of the leaves.

Therefore, buying illegal hashish from Morocco also puts you at risk of having to deal with products containing substances of different nature and not pure hashish.

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In conclusion

Although Moroccan hashish is known worldwide for being a quality product, it is still an illegal product that can put buyers in front of different risks.

If you are a hashish enthusiast, like its aromas and love to collect it, we recommend that you opt for CBD hash, the THC-free version of the product.

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