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What is legal CBD marijuana

Legal CBD marijuana: what it is and what are the effects and benefits of using legal CBD cannabis. Legal CBD marijuana in Italy Thousands of years ago, as you can imagine, there was no distinction between legal CBD and marijuana. Cannabis, probably born in Central Asia about 10,000 years ago, was commonly used for food […]

Marijuana and cannabis cbd differences

Marijuana … Cannabis … Hemp … But marijuana and cannabis are the same thing? And what are the possible differences? The terms hemp, marijuana and cannabis have become, in common usage and even in the world of legal CBD marijuana, two synonyms. We say that marijuana and cannabis are the same thing, but they show […]

books for legal CBD marijuana cultivation

3 unmissable books on the legal CBD marijuana cultivation. Would you like to grow legal CBD marijuana and you are no longer in the skin, yet you don’t know where to start … So many questions are pounding your head: which varieties to plant? Better autoflowering or feminized? What temperatures should you keep to have […]

legal hemp in Italy and in the world

What is the price of the legal hemp (CBD cannabis) in Italy and in the world. Legal CBD Marijuana, or legal hemp in Italy, is a variety of the Sativa cannabis selected to have very low concentrations of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, or the psychoactive metabolite), lower than 0.2%. The metabolite present in larger quantities in legal […]

legal cannabis cbd in spain

Do you want to know if hemp is legal in Spain? Find out what the law says about the consumption and detention of cannabis. At the moment, the subject of legal weed is still at the center of numerous debates as each country has different laws regarding its possession, distribution and cultivation. Broadening the horizons, […]

Do you want to store the marijuana and keep the taste and aroma unchanged? Read all the tips about! Although the number of legal CBD marijuana users is constantly growing, only the most informed really know what are the steps to follow in order to conserve the herb properly for a fairly long period of […]

types of marihuana cbd

Discover all the types of marijuana and learn to distinguish them. The CBD and classic Marijuana is obtained from the dried leaves of the female hemp: in fact the cannabis plant is dioecious, that is, it has two distinct genera, the male and the female. Very often the males are used to cross and pollinate […]

cheese marihuana light variety

The cheese marijuana is a kind of cannabis from the very particular aroma. Discover everything about it For those of us who live from within the CBD cannabis ecosystem, thinking of Marijuana as a single large type of plant is somewhat reductive. After decades of cultivating and breeding genetic strains, the qualities on the market […]

legal cannabis cbd oil effects on the body

All the positive and negative effects of CBD oil on the human brain and more in general on the organism. CBD (cannabidiol) is certainly the most famous non-psychoactive cannabinoid, at the center of recent scientific studies that find other therapeutic applications with each passing day. CBD oil, in particular, is the legal assumption method par […]