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Published on: 07/03/2024

Exploring the realm of cannabis: an in-depth look at top marijuana varieties

This article is intended for the curious and enthusiasts of the cannabis universe, but all information is for informational purposes only

We want to satisfy the curiosity of our discerning readers, but in no way do we want to encourage the use of marijuana, let alone its cultivation.

Rather, we encourage our readers to respect the laws and not to violate any national or international regulations governing the consumption of marijuana.

The consumption of cannabis for medicinal purposes should always be done with the authorisation of one’s doctor, without breaking any laws in this regard.

Take the following information as merely theoretical; we are here solely to satisfy your inexhaustible thirst for knowledge, not to lead you down a path of vice and perdition!

So, after this necessary preamble we can begin!

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The three types of marijuana

There are three types of cannabis:

  • Sativa;
  • Indica;
  • Ruderalis.

Let’s look at them specifically:

The cannabis sativa is about 1.5 metres tall, produces many buds and when dried can produce up to 1.5 kg of product per plant.

This type of marijuana is native to Central Asia and tropical areas such as the Caribbean and Thailand.

China is the world’s largest producer, but it is also cultivated in France, Russia, Eastern European countries, India and Pakistan and China.

The effects of its consumption are mainly cerebral and psychedelic, it can alter perception, influence creativity and lateral and divergent thinking.

The cannabis indica, on the other hand, first developed in India and Nepal, is relatively easy to grow as it is very hardy. Indoor and hydroponic cultivation is often preferred.

The plants are usually triangular in shape, similar to conifers, and they too do not exceed 1.5 metres in height. Its inflorescences are very large and dense and the calyxes appear overlapping one another.

Its THC levels are very high, exceeding a concentration of 25% without difficulty, which is why its psycho-active effects are stronger than the sativa.

It has strong relaxing effects and is widely used for therapeutic purposes due to its high concentration of THC and CBD (cannabidiol).

Its excessively woody trunk is not suitable for use in the textile industry.

Cannabis ruderalis, also known as Russian or American hemp, is not used in the production of marijuana (neither for recreational nor medical purposes) as its THC and CBD levels are very low.

This type originates from Russia and is suitable for growing and thriving in inhospitable areas with harsh climates and little sunlight, such as Siberian regions.

Its plants are small in size, not exceeding half a metre in height. They have a very robust trunk and no or very small tops.

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What are the most popular types of marijuana?

We have seen how cannabis indica is the most widely used for both leisure purposes and medical purposes. The most popular types of indica marijuana are listed below:

  • LA Confidential

It is considered to be the indica par excellence, the concentration of the active principle THC is very high. It has won numerous awards such as the Battle of the Bridge in 2009, the HT Cannabis Cup in 2008 and the Kush Cup in Las Vegas in 2007.

LA Confidential, named after the title of James Ellroy’s noir novel, is a cross between Afghani and OG LA Affie.

Experts credit it with both energising and relaxing effects. It has a sweet taste, earthy and spicy hints. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Its plants are not very tall and produce yields of around 450 g/m²;

  • Northern Lights

This type of marijuana is well known among marijuana enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Its origins are shrouded, pardon the pun, in a thick blanket of smoke.

Yes, because its genesis is not certain; it was supposedly born in Seattle in the mid-1980s and perfected in Amsterdam.

Its THC concentration is recorded at around 18%. Its effects are notoriously intense.

Unlike other types, it not only has calming and relaxing effects but also a marked influence on inhibitions and social behaviour.

In fact, Northern Lights is considered a social marijuana, fostering interpersonal relationships and not conducive to isolation.

It has a strong aromatic charge and hints of earth and pine. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation; its plants are small in size and produce large yields. Its cultivation is very simple, suitable even for aspiring botanists who are not too experienced;

  • LA Cheese

This strain is regarded by experts in the field as very refined, almost elitist.

It became best known in 2010, when it achieved third place as Best Overall Strain at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

LA Cheese was born from a cross between Big Buddha Cheese and LA Confidential.

It is used for both recreational and medical purposes due to its average concentrations of THC and CBD.

It has relaxing effects, stimulating good moods and positive states of mind. Its sweet and pungent flavour is very distinctive, its cheese notes are very original.

Its plants are small, with many bushes and offer medium yields. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation;

  • Critical Kush

Critical Kush is a 90% also 100% indica and comes from a cross between OG Kush and Critical Mass. The THC concentration is high in fact it is between 20 and 25%, while the CBD is between 1 and 2%.

Its psycho-active effects are high and long-lasting, causing drowsiness and deep relaxation.

Its CBD concentration gives it high therapeutic properties (it is used to treat sleep disorders, irritability and psycho-physical stress).

It has a very intense and strong flavour with hints of citrus, wood and spices.

It is grown both outdoors and indoors, adapts easily to various climates and does not require particularly experienced growers.

Her plants are quite tall, reaching up to one metre in height and producing 600 g/m² inflorescences;

  • Enemy Of The State

Enemy Of The State was born in Afghanistan. Its plants produce up to 500g/m² of buds.

It is used especially for medical purposes in pain therapy, to treat migraines and headaches, insomnia, stress and muscle cramps.

It is also widely used recreationally and has important relaxing effects.

It has a sweet, spicy and floral flavour;

  • Cream Caramel

This variety originated in Spain and has since spread throughout Europe.

It is a cross between Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino and has won several international prizes in specialised competitions.

Its THC concentration is quite high, reaching 15-20%, while CBD is between 1 and 1.5%.

Its psycho-active effects are remarkable, giving euphoria and deep relaxation.

Her plants are tall and sturdy, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and can produce around 550 g/m² of inflorescences;

  • Black Domina

Black Domina is a cross between Afghani, Ortega, Hash Plant and Northern Lights strains.

It achieves medium THC levels and has relaxing and strongly relaxing effects. In 2011, it won the prestigious THC Cup award in Valencia.

It has earthy, pine and pepper scents; its plants, despite their small size, yield abundant harvests;

  • California Hash Plant.

Its plants are quite large, even reaching 2.5 metres in height.

The THC concentration is not excessive, it is around 8 and 12%. Its effects are intoxicating and infuse a good dose of relaxation. Califoria Hash is renowned for its sweet taste with citrus and spicy flavours;

  • OG LA Affie

The LA Affie variety has recognised sedative and relaxing effects without causing dizziness.

It has medium THC concentrations and a sweet but pungent flavour. Its average yields reach 450 g/m² and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

The most popular varieties of cannabis sativa:

So far we have listed the various types of cannabis indica, now we will look at the best known ones of cannabis sativa.

  • Dr. Grinspoon

This variety of marijuana sativa originated in Amsterdam and was named after psychiatrist and Harvard professor Lester Grinspoon, a great cannabis enthusiast.

Dr. Grinspoon has floral and tropical aromas, its effects are energising and it does not cause lethargy or drowsiness.

Her plants reach high heights so she grows more outdoors than indoors. In cost-benefit terms it is very convenient given its profitable yields;

  • Chocolope

Born in the early 80’s from a cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze

Its sweet and delicate flavour is very distinctive, its hints of coffee and chocolate are unusual and intoxicating.

Its cultivation is relatively easy and it is generally considered to be very productive. It is very popular in the legal cannabis market;

  • Utopia Haze

Utopia Haze originated in Brazil and won two renowned awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008.

Its fruity aroma, combined with the typical hints of mint, is one of its hallmarks. It contains a large amount of terpenes and is very popular among enthusiasts.

It has sturdy, fairly tall plants with remarkable, quality inflorescences coated in resin from which hashish or charas is produced;

  • Neville’s Haze

Neville’s Haze is named after the well-known Australian Neville Schoenmakers, founder of the world’s first Seed Bank in the 1980s.

This variety is a cross between pure Haze and Northern Lights 5/Haze, and is known for its fruity aromas and pleasant floral scent.

It contains a concentration of around 21% THC, which is enough to stimulate euphoria and sociability. Its cultivation (mostly indoors) requires extreme care and attention, which is why it is reserved for the most experienced growers and not for Sunday botanists. Its flowering time is about sixteen weeks.

  • Durban

Durban comes from South Africa, has strong psycho-active effects and is suitable for a variety of uses. It is consumed through vaporizers and pipes; it is also used in cooking, both in simple culinary recipes (such as biscuits) and more elaborate ones.

It has a woody flavour with hints of liquorice. It is often cultivated in Africa and its harvests are fruitful and inexpensive. It can be grown both outdoors and indoors and does not require much botanical expertise;

  • Jamaican Dream

As can be easily inferred from its name, it comes from Jamaica.

It has a sweet and fragrant flavour with hints of almonds. It causes a mild euphoric sensation and is often used to relieve anxiety and stress, depression and chronic fatigue.

It offers resin-rich inflorescences and has strong plants with lush branches;

  • Tijuana

It is an almost 100% pure sativa. It has an earthy and strongly spicy flavour.

Its effects are intense, energising and stimulating;

  • Panama Haze

Panama Haze originates from Purple Haze, Green Haze and F10 Panama.

Its THC levels are notoriously high, up to 23%. Its effects are prolonged and intense.

This type has hints of lemon and spices with aromas of incense.

Its plants are very resistant to mould and external agents. They do not require particularly experienced growers. Prefers indoor cultivation and mild climates;

  • Serious 6

This variety is a hybrid of Canadian and African sativa strains.

It has citrusy and spicy scents with strong floral notes. It has stimulating and anti-stress effects.

It is mainly grown outdoors by experienced botanists;

  • Kali Mist

It has hints of pine and citrus, with a very fresh floral aftertaste. It is used to calm psycho-physical stress, helps increase concentration and makes you more productive.

It offers abundant yields and is not difficult to grow.

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What are the other varieties among the hybrids?

  • Skunk #1

Skunk is one of the earliest and most famous hybrid cannabis strains. It was born from the hybridisation of Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold.

From Afghani it inherits the flowering time and productive yield. From it derive Cheese and Super Silver Haze.

In the Anglo-Saxon world ‘skunk’ is an expression that indicates strong psycho-active and drugging properties;

  • Sour Diesel

The taste of Diesel is indeed reminiscent of petrol and gas fumes, hence the unusual name.

It is a cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk and was born in the 1990s. Sour Diesel is known all over the world and is famous in the industry because it revived the sativa cannabis that, until then, was somewhat neglected by consumers;

  • OG Kush

OG Kush is a very recent hybrid and became so well known because it was mentioned in many US rap songs.

It originated in Florida and then spread to Los Angeles.

Its flavour is strongly citrusy.

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Here we are finally at the conclusion, it is time to draw conclusions.

In this article we have seen many varieties (or strains) of marijuana, both of the sativa and indica genus, but also various hybrids and crosses.

As we have seen, each quality of cannabis has its own properties and peculiarities; in short, there is something for everyone!

As you can see, nature offers a truly infinite range of choice, and as if that were not enough, man has over the years selected and perfected through crosses, hybrids and grafts increasingly diverse and varied qualities.

We hope we have been useful and have enthused you with our reading.

We would like to remind you that everything you have read so far is for informational purposes only, we do not in any way want to convince you to improvise as novice growers and we always encourage you to respect the laws of your country.

We hope we have satisfied your curiosity. If you enjoyed the article take a look at all the others on Justbob‘s blog and find out everything there is to know about the world of cannabis, especially legal cannabis but not only.

And if you are a true enthusiast take a look at the products available on our website: CBD oil, legal cannabis buds, CBD hashish and many more for all collectors!


  • The world of marijuana offers a rich tapestry of strains, each with its own unique properties and effects. From the energizing sativas to the relaxing indicas, and the intriguing hybrids in between, there’s something to suit every preference and need.
  • The origins of marijuana strains often reflect their characteristics. For example, sativas from tropical regions like Jamaica or Brazil tend to have fruity flavors and uplifting effects, while indicas from mountainous areas like Afghanistan are known for their sedative qualities.
  • Many strains of marijuana are valued not just for their recreational effects, but also for their potential therapeutic benefits. Indica strains with high levels of CBD are often used to alleviate symptoms of pain, anxiety, and insomnia, while sativas may offer relief from depression and fatigue.
  • It’s important to approach marijuana consumption responsibly, respecting both legal regulations and personal health considerations. Whether for recreational or medicinal use, consulting with a healthcare professional and staying informed about local laws is essential.
  • The world of marijuana is constantly evolving, with breeders and enthusiasts continually developing new strains through careful selection and hybridization. This ongoing innovation ensures that consumers have a diverse array of options to explore and enjoy.


What are the three types of marijuana?

The three types of cannabis are Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.

What are the most popular types of marijuana indica?

Some popular types of marijuana indica include LA Confidential, Northern Lights, LA Cheese, Critical Kush, Enemy Of The State, Cream Caramel, Black Domina, and California Hash Plant.

What are the most popular types of marijuana sativa?

Popular types of marijuana sativa include Dr. Grinspoon, Chocolope, Utopia Haze, Neville’s Haze, Durban, Jamaican Dream, Tijuana, Panama Haze, Serious 6, and Kali Mist.

What are some popular hybrid marijuana strains?

Some popular hybrid marijuana strains include Skunk #1, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush.