20 of April of 2024: Cannabis Day

20 of April of 2024: Cannabis Day

Modified on: 31/01/2024


World Cannabis Day 2024 is coming soon. It is celebrated on April 20 of each year to honor the culture of marijuana!

If you’re a CBD flowers enthusiast, you’ll probably want to know the story behind this unique day, also referred to by its “code name” 420 or 4:20.

Indeed, 4:20 has a special meaning in the world of cannabis, so much so that the date of April 20 (4/20 if we take into account the American date) was not chosen by chance.

So what is the meaning of 420, or 4:20, in cannabis cultivation? And what is the history of Cannabis Day?

Why is Cannabis Day celebrated on April 20?

It seems that the birth of the term 420 (and therefore World Cannabis Day on April 20) dates back to California in the early 1970s.

At this time, at 4:20 p.m., the students of the Liceo San Rafael gathered to consume cannabis. Then, a group of friends who called themselves “The Waldos” (because they liked to stand against a wall), were well known to other students who knew about their 4:20am cannabis smoking habits… thus making it known the term “4:20”.

The word “420”, which started out as a simple play, eventually became a true code word signifying the multitude of things related to marijuana. For example, those using say this number might mean “Do you have anything?” or “I’m high.”

Why is Cannabis Day celebrated on April 20?

Thus, the group met in front of the statue of the French scientist Louis Pasteur, but also in other places in the school, to smoke cannabis. And that obviously at 4:20 in the afternoon.

The term “420” first spread throughout California and then, within a decade, throughout the world.

High Times, the bible of marijuana smokers, started using the term 420 as early as 1990 and then bought the site 420.com (which talks mainly about fluctuating cannabis prices), but also includes videos, news, tips on horticulture, activism and more.

But the “Waldos” explanation is not the only theory of the use of the 4:20 keyword.

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More guesses on what 420 means in the world of marijuana

A common belief is that 420 refers to California’s police and penal code for marijuana, but there is no evidence to support such claims.

Another theory about what this number means is that there are 420 active chemicals in marijuana, hence an apparent connection between the drug and this number. But in fact, according to the Dutch association for CBD cannabis and its uses as medicine, there are more than 500 active ingredients in the cannabis plant and its flowers.

Therefore, this hypothesis must be absolutely ruled out.

A less common explanation links the number 420 to the 1939 short story “Within the Walls of Eryx” by H.P. Lovecraft and Kenneth Sterling. The text describes “curious plants” very similar to marijuana, which seemed to drug the narrator, and according to his watch, this happened at 4:20 a.m.

Since the story is from 1939, it is probably the first written testimony that points to the connection between marijuana and the 4:20 code. And it is perhaps from this story that the Waldos were inspired.

Whatever its origins, April 20 has become a major holiday for cannabis lovers around the world.

World Cannabis Day Initiatives

Cannabis lovers around the world celebrate Cannabis Day on April 20. And they usually try to respect this symbol for the time of the party, which is at 4:20 p.m.

For example, Milan often hosts the “420 Vibes Party”. At the same time, in Rome, the “420 Roma Fest” takes place. Events include concerts, documentary screenings, talks, and more.

The objective is to promote the legalization of cannabis, which in Europe is still struggling to be carried out, but which sees a ray of hope thanks to CBD cannabis.

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What is CBD cannabis?

What is CBD cannabis?

Cannabis CBD, also known as CBD marijuana/legal cannabis/legal hemp, is the term for cannabis inflorescences whose THC amounts are below the legal limits (less than 0.2%).

THC must necessarily be this low, since it is the active and psychotropic ingredient of cannabis. Below these certain percentages, it does not affect our psyche. Unlike THC, the CBD present in legal cannabis flowers is very high. Its concentration depends mainly on the variety of cannabis but also on the method of cultivation.

If cannabis is grown under favorable conditions, the flowers tend to produce more resin, which contains almost all of the plant’s active ingredients.

The CBD (cannabidiol) contained in large amounts of CBD buds is not psychotropic, unlike THC.

On the contrary, it is a potentially beneficial substance for our health, so much so that research on its medical implications has increased considerably in recent times.

We just have to wait for the final results of the studies, and in the meantime, where to buy CBD flowers or legal hash?

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