Smoking oregano: an overview of possible side effects, benefits, and procedures

Smoking oregano: an overview of possible side effects, benefits, and procedures

Modified on: 29/01/2024

Everything you need to know if you want to smoke oregano at least once in your life

If you were to define smoking, you would probably describe it off the top of your head and you would enumerate a bunch of stuff, starting from smoking cigarettes, activity of smoking tobacco, drugs or in some cases, even CBD flower or light marijuana. Indeed, there are many smokable and at the same time natural herbs or even herbal cigarettes, which can be less harmful to your health than tobacco, leading to lung cancer if consumed in large quantities, and which even seem to have more benefits for the body, not to mention very pleasant smell.

But among all the smokable herbs, i.e., chamomile, mint, basil, sage (under different forms such as herbal cigarettes or herbal blends); today we want to introduce you to the topic regarding smoking oregano so that any doubt you may have had, will be cleared up. We will start this journey by analysing what happens when you smoke oregano, its side effects, whether it is dangerous, and how to do it responsibly.

Smoking herbs: oregano

Among plants that help us ease the mind, where marijuana reigns, there is an unusual ingredient that has recently caught the attention of CBD weed enthusiasts and herb lovers: oregano. Although oregano is primarily known as an aromatic spice used to flavor food or even as oil, some people are now experimenting with its consumption in a completely unusual way, i.e., smoking it (oregano cigarette) in order to relax. Indeed, smoking some herb leaves, the one like peppermint leaf, can clear lungs and respiratory system. Although such DIY herbal cigarettes are much healthier (i.e., no chemicals, additives or tobacco included), the risk of carbon monoxide inhalation is unfortunately still persistent.

Oregano is an aromatic plant belonging to the Lamiaceae mint family (in which you can also find catnip) and is native to Mediterranean regions. It is known for its distinctive flavor and aroma, making it a common ingredient in many cuisines around the world (fresh and dried oregano leaves are frequently used, not to mention oregano tea) and both as a spice and as oil. Moreover, oregano is frequently used in medicine as it contains vitamin K, which helps to produce various proteins, needed for blood clotting.

Traditionally, oregano, grown in many households in a small pot, has been used to flavor food, but some people are now exploring alternative uses for this plant, including inhalation. Indeed, oregano can be considered a natural solution to tobacco and if combined with other herbs (herbal mixes), it can enhance their effects.

Oregano smoke: is it safer than tobacco?

Oregano smoke: is it safer than tobacco?

Before we discover the effects of inhaling this plant, it is important to consider the safety of this practice. Oregano is generally recognized as safe when used as a culinary spice, just like many other plants or herbs such as basil, mint, sage … However, smoking it is a different story. Indeed, oregano is a spice widely used in Italian and Mediterranean cooking practices, but that’s not its only use.

Consider the formulation of its essential oil for herbal medicine, through which attempts are made to harness its powerful antibacterial and antifungal effects. Oregano can also be smoked: by doing so, you can assimilate the relaxing properties that this spice is capable of imparting, helping you overcome the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and tension that may arise when you wisely decide to quit tobacco.

Possible side effects of smoking oregano

Indeed, like all substances that are smoked (tobacco, cannabis, and other plants but also drugs), there are always potential risks associated with inhalation into the lungs, inevitably causing irritation of the respiratory tract, sore throat, cough and many others.

Furthermore, smoking oregano (e.g. oregano leaf) is not equivalent to smoking weed, drug or a simple cigarette; there is no risk that this plant will get you « high » (it will just simply make you cough) and currently, its effects are still unknown because, unlike CBD weed, whose benefits, characteristics and risks are well known, there is little research on the safety of this plant.

Another health risk is contamination. In fact, oregano, which is widely used in cooking, can contain contaminants such as pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals, which could be harmful if inhaled.

Interactions with medications

It is not clear whether smoking this plant in moderate may interact with medications or worsen certain medical conditions, thus we suggest you avoid smoking oregano if your health conditions might deteriorate, if you are following any treatment or if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. In general, smoking oregano leaves or oregano cigarette may not be a safe practice and could pose health problems.

Among the various negative consequences, some individuals have reported unwanted psychological effects, including anxiety, stress, paranoia, and hallucinations after smoking this plant.

Finally, there are other long-term effects, but the lack of scientific research on the safety of inhaling oregano indicates that we don’t know what these risks might be.

We always remind you that before considering smoking oregano or any other substance, it is essential to consult a medical professional for additional information for your situation.

Positive effects and properties of smoking oregano

As we have discussed potential dangers, let’s examine the benefits and properties reported by those who have experimented with it.

1.     Relaxing effect: Some individuals, who tend to stress out, claim to experience a sense of relaxation after smoking oregano. This effect could be attributed to the presence of aromatic compounds like carvacrol, which could have calming properties.

2.     Unique smell and taste: Orally inhaling oregano can offer a unique sensory experience due to its distinctive aroma and taste. This can be interesting for herb enthusiasts.

3.     Personal exploration: For some, experimenting with new methods of consuming plants can be an intriguing and personally explorative experience.

However, it is important to note that the positive effects on the mind and body of smoking oregano are largely anecdotal and not supported by robust scientific research.

Smoking oregano responsibly

Smoking oregano responsibly

If, despite the potential threat to your health, you still decide to try inhaling oregano, e.g., under the form of cigarettes, it is essential to do so responsibly to minimize possible harm. Here are some suggestions:

1.     Choosing quality oregano: Ensure you use high-quality oregano, preferably organic and fresh one in order to avoid harmful contaminants.

2.     Moderation: Smoke oregano or oregano leaf in moderation and do not exaggerate. It is important to listen to your body and its reactions. We suggest you start with a small amount of this herb: at half the dosage it is typically recommended.

3.     Safe environments: Smoke in a safe and well-ventilated environment to minimize exposure to smoke and its smell.

4.     Research: Before deciding whether you want to try oregano in this manner, search for information and reliable reviews from authoritative sources.

5.     Consider safe alternatives: If you are interested in the relaxing benefits, there are many safe and scientifically studied alternatives, such as chamomile tea, meditation, light cannabis, or CBD. These are much more accredited and scientifically studied substances from a medical perspective, so we recommend using them properly.


In conclusion, this article has discussed a slightly different use of oregano apart from flavouring food, i.e., smoking it. It is as an emerging practice that carries unknown and potentially significant health risks. While some people may benefit from it, it is important to remember that the consequences of smoking oregano vary from person to person, and the safety of this practice has not been definitively established.

Once you want to try to smoke oregano, any herb or any other substance, it is essential to consult a medical professional as carbon monoxide can be detected even in simple herbal cigarettes, which at first glance may seem harmless.

Your health and well-being should be the top priority.

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