Marijuana herbal tea: this is how to prepare an excellent infusion

marijuana herbal tea infusion

Modified on: 30/10/2023


Relaxing herbal teas have always been a great non-medical method to relax nerves, stretch and in many cases help sleep catch on.

If those with molasses, ginger or the addition of chamomile flowers have long been a fixed presence in many homes, another type of herbal tea is slowly gaining fanfare, thanks to its effects: legal marijuana infusion.

The low quantity of THC (molecule that causes psychotropic effects) present in CBD weed and, on the contrary, the large amount of CBD, cannabidiol, which generates all the positive effects, are the main reason for this choice.

How to make a marijuana herbal tea?

Marijuana herbal tea is one of the oldest recipes, despite the fact that it has recently been discovered in our part of the world.

One reason may be the long preparation times, unlike other types of infusions.

What we need to make our herbal tea are finely chopped inflorescences of CBD bud, that is not entirely pulverized.

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The quantity is at own will. For the first herbal tea we recommend starting with a small amount and increasing if you want to find better relaxing effects.

And now here’s the preparation method.

Hemp tea – preparation n° 1

  • Insert our chopped mixture into a filter (we can also use an empty tea bag and seal it well to avoid spills);
  • Now take a saucepan and fill it with cold water, soaking our filter with inflorescences;
  • Place the saucepan on the heat and wait for it to reach the required temperature at the boiling point;
  • Cover the saucepan with a lid and let it boil for about a quarter of an hour;
  • If we notice that the boiling of water is excessive and the content of the small pan is too low, we can add a little water.
  • Finally, add some milk or oil  (you can also add CBD oil if you want, but in very little amounts) , about 15 cl. Whole milk is preferable. CBD is in fact a fat-soluble, non-water-soluble substance: this means that it dissolves in fats and not in water. The presence of milk or oil is therefore essential.

Hemp tea preparation

CBD flower herbal tea – preparation n° 2

Another method, much faster, involves the use of our inflorescences of CBD buds broken up together with the united butter. The products should be cooked together over a slow flame for about a quarter of an hour.

Once cooked, the product is crushed in a mortar and cooled in a container, trying to give it a shape similar to that of a stick of butter. Everything then goes to cool for several hours in the fridge.

With this method, every time you want to drink a good legal marijuana herbal tea, you can melt some butter in a classic herbal infusion and enjoy the beneficial sensations caused by it.

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The effects of legal marijuana

CBD weed has in itself a great analgesic power and concentrates its relaxing power on the cannabidiol, or CBD.

CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory, used to soothe and treat ailments caused by severe inflammation such as arthritis or pain and muscle spasms.

It has excellent antipsychotic properties, which can be used both to treat debilitating diseases, such as schizophrenia, and to help combat and manage mental ailments such as obsessive-compulsive disorders or post-traumatic disorder.

This extraordinary molecule can be helpful in reconciling sleep, in calming anxiety states and keeping depressive states at bay.

CBD is an excellent antioxidant, so it is of great help to those suffering from chronic pain, or spasms.

It has anti-emetic properties, therefore excellent for solving and managing nausea.

Or it can be a simple aid to those who need to relax and sleep better.

Making daily use of legal weed UK infusion can therefore be a good natural remedy for migraine, stress and insomnia.

Furthermore, the presence of cannabinoids in the digestive tract is a panacea for the digestive system: it can also help in digestion and treat different cases of inflammation of the intestinal tract or irritation of the stomach.

What are the benefits of taking herbal tea?

The consumption of CBD cannabis by ingestion has far superior effects and better than the one taken by combustion.

Assimilated in digestion, cannabinoids tend to activate more slowly than combustion, but the sense of relaxation and well-being generated by them lasts much longer.

Great help for those who really need a peaceful night’s sleep.

So now that we know what the properties, effects and methods are for having our CBD cannabis herbal tea, know that on our website you can buy CBD cannabis altogether with yout favorite legal hash online so you will be able to prepare it and enjoy it!