Legal hemp

legal hemp

Modified on: 31/08/2023

What the law says about legal hemp, what are the benefits of using it and the differences between hemp and marijuana.

Legal weed in Italy is still a novelty: the law in this regard was approved in December 2016 and entered into force on the 14th January 2017.

There are so many questions about it, especially about the uses of cannabis CBD and legal hash.

Furthermore, the difference between hemp and marijuana is unknown to most.

Yes, you didn’t read well, but very well: hemp and marijuana are not real synonyms, although in the Italian language they are often used to indicate the same product.

differences between hemp and marijuana cbd

Want to learn more about the subject?

We go in order, first of all stating what hemp is (and what it is not).

Legal hemp: what is hemp

Hemp, in Latin cannabis, is a plant belonging to the angiosperm genus, included in the Cannabacee family and cultivated since ancient times.

Currently the taxonomy of this plant is controversial, but the main currents of thought are two:

  • There are those who affirm the existence of a single species of cannabis, Cannabis Sativa L., which is divided into two subspecies:
    • sativa
    • indica
  • The second current of thought divides the plant into 3 different species:
    • sativa
    • indica
    • ruderalis

The species / subspecies that designates hemp is cannabis sativa, whose use is concentrated especially in the textile sector, in the paper industry as well as in the production of oils and fuels.

This cannabis variety has a low THC content (less than 1%) and its psychotropic effects are very mild. Indeed, below 0.2% they are considered as zero.

Not surprisingly, legal hemp in Italy can contain a rate of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) up to 0.2%.

But what is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

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Difference between hemp and marijuana

Marijuana means the cannabis variety with psychotropic properties, therefore from 0.6% THC onwards. It may be either sativa or indica, but the latter has considerable tetrahydrocannabinol percentages.

Therefore sativa cannabis, due to the higher content of CBD (cannabidiol, metabolite with a relaxing effect) compared to THC, is generally used by those who simply want to taste the flavor of ganja and / or want to relax.

The use of indica cannabis, on the other hand, has a psychotropic effect: it tends to cause an euphoric, lively and hilarious state.

respectcannabis indica cause an euphoric state

The main difference between hemp and marijuana is therefore the following: marijuana has a psychotropic effect, hemp not (or, if the THC exceeds 0.2%, very mild).

So much that the Law 242/2016 only speaks of hemp and Cannabis Sativa L., never of marijuana or synonyms.

Let’s now turn to the details of this law.

Legal hemp: law 242/2016

The Law n. 242 of December the 2nd 2016 regulates the promotion of cultivation and the agro-industrial supply chain of hemp.

This particular rule authorizes the production and sale of Cannabis Sativa L. with amounts of THC lower than 0.2%.

Furthermore it specifies that from the production of CBD flower it is possible to obtain foodstuffs, cosmetics, materials for green building and much more.

Recreational use is not covered, but this does not mean that it is prohibited.

In reality, it is not possible to obtain psychotropic effects from the legal cannabis, in the percentages indicated by the law. Therefore there are no conditions to talk about “leisure”.

However, hemp is also often inhaled, for example by combustion or vaporization: in this case it is called legal CBD cannabis, marijuana CBD or legal hemp.

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Legal CBD Marijuana – legal hemp: what are the effects?

As you could read in the previous paragraph, the use of legal hemp does not produce psychotropic effects, therefore it does not alter the psychic tone.

Precisely for this reason, even if inhaled or swallowed, legal CBD marijuana is not considered a drug, neither light nor heavy.

However, its consumption has beneficial effects on our body.

So here is what Cannabis Sativa L. can do for you:

  • Relax, thanks to the high percentage of CBD it contains, hemp relaxes the muscles. Consequently…
  • Reduces the onset of involuntary muscle spasms. It is not a coincidence that CBD is considered an effective antiepileptic and anti-dystonic (caution, however: legal hemp is different from therapeutic cannabis. Its use cannot therefore replace a therapy prescribed by a doctor and is not a marketable product in pharmacies!).
  • Reduces pain, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Perfect therefore to relieve joint pains, menstrual periods, headaches and much more.
  • It helps you sleep better. It is therefore strongly recommended in case of insomnia, nightmares, sleep apnea etc.
  • Limit anxiety and panic states.
  • It is an excellent supplement of Omega 3 and 6 (obviously if ingested). These fatty acids are perfect allies for the well-being of circulation and brain tissue.

Now you know you can’t find CBD weed in the pharmacy. But where can you buy it?

What are the legal hemp retailers in Italy?

Legal hemp in the Italian territory is generally distributed by specialized shops, which can be physical and online.

At we select the best sativa cannabis crops in Europe, choosing organic and indoor grown productions, therefore strictly controlled.

Our products are carefully analyzed by the Laboratory of chemical-toxicological analysis of the University of Milan.

Only in this way we can guarantee to customers the actual legality of the hemp we offer, which never exceeds the percentages of THC and CBD laid down by Law 242/2016.

You are probably wondering if you can buy CBD cannabis and CBD cannabis-derived products, such as CBD oil, even in tobacco shops.

The answer is, albeit provisionally, no. The FIT (Italian Federation of Tobacconists) strongly advises against selling to tobacconists and is awaiting clarification from the authorities.

The reason for this provision is simple: the hemp plant cannot be assimilated or related to that of the genus Nicotiana tabacum, from which the tobacco leaves come. So tobacco shops may not be allowed to sell cannabis sativa.

But don’t worry: our deliveries are very fast, as well as free for orders over €60.

Thanks to us you can enjoy the best European legal hemp and receive it comfortably at home in very short times.

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