Is it legal to import cannabis seeds from Amsterdam? Let’s clarify

Is importing cannabis seeds from Amsterdam legal?

Modified on: 17/10/2023

Cannabis seeds from amsterdam: is it allowed?

Whether you are planning your next trip to Amsterdam or are already wandering its quaint bicycle-filled streets, at this point, you might be wondering whether it is possible to import cannabis seeds.

The answer?

Yes, you can, but you might run into big problems with the controls.

You’re probably wondering which ones, right?

Let’s find out why and how to avoid unpleasant situations before you return to your country.

It is legal to import seeds from Amsterdam

Is it legal to import marijuana seeds from Amsterdam?

The legality of cannabis is a susceptible issue about which there is a lot of confusion.

But let’s get it straight: in the UK and Europe, the possession of autoflowering, feminized or regular cannabis seeds are legal (different if we talk about CBD flowers).

The reason? The seeds do not contain THC or other psychoactive substances and, therefore, cannot be considered drugs.

It is illegal, however, to plant and germinate the seeds because there is a risk that inflorescences with a THC level not permitted by law will develop. In addition, we know that law 242/16 establishes a ‘tolerable range’ for this substance as long as it is between 0.2% and 0.6%.

Cultivating a certain number of seedlings—even for personal use—is an administrative offence, resulting in their sanction and seizure.

Therefore, seeds can be freely purchased but only for collecting or food purposes: bear in mind that they are considered excellent food because they are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6.

But let’s cut to the chase: is it possible to import seeds from Amsterdam?

The answer is yes. It is possible to import them from the Netherlands.

However, this decision could arouse strong suspicions during controls, especially at the airport. So, let’s be direct: why should you have cannabis seeds in your luggage?

Let’s take a closer look.

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Importing seeds from Amsterdam: why it might be a problem

We just mentioned that it is possible to buy cannabis seeds in Amsterdam and bring them home, albeit with some qualms.

The problem arises because many seed packets sold in Amsterdam shops are kits.

What does this mean?

It means that inside, you will find an instruction booklet explaining how to germinate seeds and grow the seedlings. In fact, in some packets, there is even a pot designed!

Now imagine you are at the airport, and they ask to search your luggage: how would you explain that you only bought them for collecting?

Even if it were true, the authorities would be highly suspicious, which—as you can imagine—could be a big issue.

You would rather not experience an unpleasant situation at check-in and then a search of your house, right?

Buy cannabis seeds in Amsterdam

Buying cannabis seeds: so, is there a solution?

If it is true that it is preferable not to pack cannabis seeds (as well as grinders or marijuana-infused edibles) in your suitcase, then how do you do it?

The solution is to buy seeds from physical shops or certified e-commerce and discover the beauty of Amsterdam in peace.

Do you still have doubts about this?

Not so long ago, a 28-year-old man travelled to the Netherlands and bought seeds and spores of hallucinogenic mushrooms: during the controls at Malpensa airport, he was stopped by the police—thanks to the report of a drug-sniffing dog—for a more thorough search.

Subsequently, they also searched his home and, having found irrefutable evidence that he was cultivating, consuming and selling cannabis, he was arrested.

Not what one would expect after a touch-and-go in Amsterdam.

So, to avoid unpleasant situations, we advise you to postpone the purchase of seeds when you return home.

However, we want to remember you in the UK it’s possible to buy CBD weed.

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In this article, we have answered one of the most frequently asked questions by cannabis advocates: is it possible to import seeds from Amsterdam?

As we have pointed out several times, possessing seeds is allowed if you do not germinate them. However, importing them from abroad—in this case, from the Netherlands—could create unpleasant situations.

Controls are stringent, and the presence of drug-sniffing dogs allows the authorities to search every possible suspect. Since it is complex to justify such a purchase (given the presence of cultivation instructions), it is preferable to buy the seeds from local dealers, provided they are certified.

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