Hashish egg: what is it? Let’s clarify

What is hashish ovum?

Modified on: 08/11/2023

Here’s what a hash ovule is and how it differs from a hash pellet

One can refer to numerous varieties of this product when talking about hash. It is no coincidence that there are different types of hash in our online shop Justbob, which specialises in the sale of legal cannabis and its derivatives. Among these is also charas, which is known to most for the peculiar shape in which it is presented.

In this article, you will learn how hashish eggs are produced, how to store them correctly and recognise their quality.

Hashish Charas

Hashish Ovule: What is Charas and how it is produced

Among CBD cannabis enthusiasts, there are many people who, in addition to looking for information on legal marijuana and CBD oil (and its effects), are also intrigued by one of the plant’s most famous derivatives: hashish. As you may already know, this product is obtained from the resin of hemp and is usually found in the form of hash browns. However, depending on the processing method, hashish can also come in an oblong shape.

In such cases, it is referred to as charas. Behind the different shapes of hashish, therefore, is the processing the resin undergoes from its extraction from the plant. The ova are the result of an Indian method that involves rubbing the hands over the inflorescences of live plants. The resin attached to the skin is then peeled off, pressed and shaped. The result is a sort of egg-shaped stone.

This type of hash, in addition to being of higher quality than hash in cakes (which is obtained by beating the cut plants, collecting the trichomes in a sieve and then pressing them), has a darker colour (due to oxidation) and a malleable but more solid consistency than the more common hash. It also has a smoother surface.

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How to store hashish ova

All types of hashish, to preserve its properties and avoid deterioration, must be stored in the right way. However, before we tell you about this, it is worth reminding you that ‘traditional’ hashish is illegal in most of Europe and the UK. Therefore, when we talk about storage methods, we are referring to CBD hash, i.e. that which has such a low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content that it does not cause psychotropic effects when taken.

Having clarified this, let us see how to store charas ova. Let us assume that air, heat and humidity are the enemies of this product because, in addition to changing its chemical characteristics, they can damage it irreparably. To keep its properties intact and preserve its appearance, it is advisable to wrap it in a film, ensuring that it adheres perfectly to the surface. Even though their outer shell creates a barrier from the outside, the ova retain a minimum of porosity.

Another effective method is to store the ova inside an airtight container (preferably glass), protected from light and high temperatures. It would be best to keep Charas hashish at temperatures not exceeding twenty degrees to be safe. Therefore, the best solution in the summer would be to place the glass jar with the ova inside (lined with baking paper) inside the refrigerator.

Avoid the freezer, as even too low a temperature, can ruin the structure of the hash.

Cannabis resin

Quality Charas Hashish: This is how you recognise it

As mentioned above, Charas ova are the best expression of hashish in terms of quality. Their smell is very close to that of the inflorescences, and, thanks to the extraction and processing type, they better preserve specific properties. However, to be sure that the quality of hashish is optimal, one should be able to recognise sure signs.

Firstly, it is essential to check the colour, which should be dark (black to brown); secondly, you should perform a tactile examination and ensure that the ova’s surface is smooth and slightly sticky. Finally, an alarm bell that you should be able to recognise is the presence of green streaks: these indicate that there are plant residues in the hashish that have nothing to do with the resin.

Another characteristic that says a lot about the quality of the ova is the consistency, which should be firm on average and soften with heat. There is a test to see if the quality of the hashish is good. To do this, cut up a piece of hash and subject it to the heat of a flame. If this goes out immediately and the egg part turns black, the product may contain chemical additives, synthetic oils or paraffin. On the other hand, a quality ovum should immediately start to soften and ‘crisp’ under the flame. Therefore, if you carry out this test and notice these effects, you can be sure (or specific) that the egg you have in your hands is of fine artistry.

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In conclusion

This article discusses a type of hashish that is very popular among legal cannabis enthusiasts and collectors. If you also want to buy CBD hashish ovules safely, do so at Justbob. In our online shop, you will find this and other qualities of CBD hash, as well as different types of CBD weed and many other products related to the world of CBD cannabis.

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