CBD oil is a natural hemp-based product that is rich in phytocannabinoids and has countless beneficial properties. JB Oil is made from high-quality organic MCT coconut oil and CBD, naturally extracted only from biological hemp cultivations. Thanks to synergies with the leader Justbob, JB Oil is the high-quality CBD oil at the best price online!

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    CBD Oil 10%

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JustBob’s natural and biological CBD oil

JB Oil is the CBD Oil sold exclusively from our online shop. It is a high-quality CBD Oil with certified and guaranteed ingredients.

JustBob constantly monitors its production chain, starting from the hemp cultivation to the packaging of the final product, in order to guarantee the highest quality possible of the sold cbd products on the whole market.

CBD is first isolated from biological hemp with supercritical CO2 and is then mixed with a MCT Bio Coconut Oil, which is obtained through solvent-free cold extraction; the generated liquid from that union seems to be balanced and pleasant.

JustBob’s oil appears without any particular colouring with very light coconut taste which guarantees a pleasant and delicate result. The aim was to create a basically tasteless and odourless product, in order not to be unpleasant and very versatile.

JB Oil with a high rate of CBD is produced respecting the strict safety and traceability protocols; every lot is carefully analysed to guarantee the highest possible quality standard. All orders of CBD Oil are immediately shipped and delivered to destination within 24 hours after ordering, with specific packages that guarantee our final customer’s privacy and safety.

Being JustBob the largest player in the CBD European market, it was able to achieve the highest quality, keeping very low costs. This result was obtained by exploiting economies of scale, their know-hows in the world of industrial hemp and, above all, the synergies which, with JB Oil, were very high.

CBD JB Oil is the best you’ll ever find on the market, the best quality at the lowest price possible.



The term CBD Oil defines liquid oily extracts derived from Hemp industry flowers.

These liquids are very rich in cannabinoids and specifically in CBD; these active ingredients are released during the flowering phase of the hemp plant and are then extracted through different techniques.

Today, the term CBD Oil refers to many liquids that differ in composition and extraction techniques; the common characteristics of all of them are their derivation from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant and the high CBD content present (generally ranging from 5% to 30% CBD).

These CBD products is highly innovative and was created after the large-scale diffusion of hemp flowers and CBD; in fact, the first high-CBD oils were produced for the first time in 2017.

What are the differences from Hemp Oil?

Currently, there is a certain kind of confusion about the actual composition of the hemp oil, since the CBD Oil products that can be extracted from hemp plant are diverse and have very different characteristics.

The first product we would like to mention is Hemp Oil.

This term, often confused with CBD Oil, refers to the hemp oil directly extracted from hemp plant seeds. The oily liquid obtained (Hemp oil) is very similar to a simple olive oil, with almost no cannabinoids and very different beneficial properties.

Hemp seed oil is also sold as a food product (since it is free of cannabinoids) and has very similar characteristics to other seed oils that are already regularly used in our food culture.

CBD Oils, on the contrary, are unique products, rich in cannabinoids and active ingredients, with unique and beneficial proprieties we are discovering only now.



JustBob’s CBD Oils are completely biological and are extracted exclusively in Italy from the cannabis plant, using the most advanced technologies. 

This process is the result of a constant updating in order to guarantee an always higher quality to the final product.

The high CBD concentration found in this oil is made possible, since only natural and biological ingredients are used, without pesticides.

CBD is first isolated thanks to the new technique of supercritical CO2 extraction, which is applied to slightly dried hemp flowers. The isolated CBD is then mixed with an MCT oil, obtained from coconut by cold solvent-free extraction.

From where and how cbd hemp oil is extracted.

 The high CBD concentration that is found in this oil is obtained thanks to fully natural hemp extraction and dilution methods that boast the use of exceptional biological raw materials.

CBD is first taken in isolation, through supercritical CO2 extraction of CBD flowers, and then mixed with coconut MCT oil obtained by cold extraction of the organically grown fruit itself. This technique maintains the quality of the product while leaving the beneficial properties intact during the processing stage.

JustBob’s commercialized oil appears without any particular coloring, with a pleasant taste mitigated by the coconut flavor, ensuring a pleasant and delicate result. In fact, JustBob has exclusive contracts with major hemp producers and extractors that allow it to be very competitive on both product quality and price to the end customer.



 Our clients tell us that they use the oil in sublingual drops, about 3 to 6 drops a day, since the product is completely natural and THC-free.

In any case, in Europe CBD is currently considered a ‘novel food’ and therefore cannot be sold for the ‘declared’ purpose of being taken orally, neither as food or as food supplements. Brands that state on labels, websites and so on that they use isolated CBD and can be taken do not comply with the regulations and we urge you to be wary.

As explained, therefore, it must be written on any JB Oil label that it cannot be eaten.

What we can say, however, is that the production method is the same used for foodstuff and therefore respects all laws regarding cleanliness, traceability and using only natural and organic hemp products.

In any case, oils are considered real protein concentrates worldwide, ideal food supplements for a vegan or a vegetarian diet and also valuable aids for weight control.

Unlike many other types of oils, this one is mainly composed of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, which are known for their role in promoting the general wellness of the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

CBD oil can be used in a dual way during an aromatherapy treatment.

On the one hand, in fact, the absorption of CBD oil lotions with massage will lead to lasting muscle relaxation and deep hydration of the skin, regenerating it; on the other hand, the process of distillation of CBD oil involves the production of a vapor rich in this compound that, when inhaled, brings extraordinary beneficial effects for brain and mind.

From a bodily point of view, in fact, CBD is an effective calming, in addition to being able to reduce chronic pain related to muscle spasms, to the extent that medical research hypothesizes its use for multiple sclerosis.

From a mental point of view, many have observed relaxing and anti-anxiety effects by taking this active ingredient.

How to dilute CBD Oil.

CBD Oil can be diluted with a carrier oil, for example coconut MCT oil can be used and if desired other oils such as hemp or olive oil. By diluting CBD Oil, cannabidiol concentration is, in percentage, consequently strongly reduced.

Our suggestion is not to dilute and/or modify JB Oil, since concentrations for sale are specially designed for a safe use of the product.


The best way to store CBD Oil.

Research suggests to conserve JustBob’s CBD Oil in its original packaging because in this way the proprieties remain unaltered for a longer timeframe.

For this purpose, the bottle should be kept in a dry and cool place, away from any source of heat.

All JustBob’s hemp cultivations are exclusive, certified and they follow the highest productive traceability and quality standards. Besides, JustBob offers Pets CBD Oil for your four-legged friends! Following these instructions, not only the life of CBD Oil can also be very long, but more importantly the intensity of the agent power of this product is not lost over time, due to the deterioration of the active ingredients contained.



Oils with a high rate of cannabidiol are a worldwide commercialized CBD products.

The main reason why this happens is the versatility of its use that makes it suitable for the diverse needs of consumers. The comfortable packaging equipped with dropper bottle was definitely crucial for its success. In this way, you can have a greater dosage adjustment, for any kind of use. Finally, the oil has the undoubted advantage of being able to be tried in purity, without the need for substances or accessory instruments. This allows not only the preservation of the product but also the awareness and knowledge of the ingredients used, which turned out to be immune/protected from any external factor that could alter the consistency.

Is buying JustBob’s CBD Oil legal?

Buying JustBob’s CBD Oil is completely legal.

At JustBob’s you can find the best selection of CBD JB Oils, fully TCH-free. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the Oil with a low rate of CBD, 10%, or oils with higher cannabidiol rates, such as JB Oil 25%.

CBD Oil, just like all hemp extracts, is legal when extracted from certified European hemp plants and its THC content doesn’t exceed 0,3 %.



The best CBD Oil depends on one’s individual needs. To determine the best product, we can consider diverse factors, such as the quality of the ingredients, the used methods of extraction, the oil it is diluted in and users’ reviews. We suggest choosing a product with natural ingredients, a safe method of extraction and produced only with biological hemp in controlled environments.

Beware of those who sell their CBD Oil as food or supplement, since CBD is a “novel food” all over Europe and can be therefore officially commercialized for technical purposes only, aromatherapy and further uses, but not as food use.

It also true that our clients tell us they use the oil in sublingual drops, about 3/6 drops per day, being the product completely natural and THC-free.

JB Oil maintained the product as natural as possible, by adding pure CBD to coconut MCT oil and keeping the flavor as natural as possible. In this way, the use of artificial flavorings or colorings was avoided, which, from our point of view, would have worsened a product whose main virtue is naturalness.

How much does CBD Oil cost?

Currently, it’s possible to buy CBD Product in many stores, both physical and online. CBD Oil Market price can vary considerably depending on the packaging, the quality and the brand. Generally speaking, one can expect to pay between 30 and 200 Euros for a 30ml CBD Oil bottle.

JB Oil is the cheapest oil on the market, since the producers in partnership with JustBob, can exploit synergies and economies of scale on hemp, while maintaining very high quality standards. chemical-formula-of-CBD


CBD is a natural extract which has no effects psychophysically and is absolutely non-addictive, being THC-free. For this reason, it is not considered a narcotic and is increasingly being used in pharmaceuticals.

It has been widely reported that this molecule has several therapeutic properties, including the ability to relax the body. Although CBD offers significant health benefits for the well-being of the body, it is always good to remember that it does not have psychoactive properties, like its closest relative, TCH.

The active ingredient has also been analyzed by the World Health Organization (WHO) publication, which claims that besides benefits, ‘CBD is not addictive’, ’causes no psychoactive or cardiovascular adverse effects’, and that CBD has ‘promising therapeutic properties’.

What are the beneficial properties of Cannabidiol?

As confirmed by the World Health Organization, CBD, unlike THC, has no psychotropic or addictive effect, so much so that it has been excluded from the list of narcotic substances that are hazardous to the psychophysical health condition. The international organization itself recognized first of all that the human organism has a high tolerance to the substance and in fact no major side effects were detected, which are mostly linked to an abuse in the ingested doses and to interactions with active ingredients of incompatible drugs. Besides, its capacity to improve sleep has been proven.

One of the reasons why CBD products are increasingly being considered for therapeutic purposes is the strong anti-inflammatory treatment attributable to this substance, which affects the respiratory, urinary and digestive system. it also

Cannabidiol is a pain killer, effective for muscle spasms and would also appear effective for those with multiple sclerosis. Also worthy of note are the positive results in reducing rheumatic and muscular pains, which, by the way, not only affect humans, but also dogs and cats. In this regard, it should be noticed that, in addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, CBD is also a valuable muscle relaxant, which is why it is often used by sportsmen and women in the recovery phase.

Women choose it because it helps combat abdominal cramps and menstrual pain, mood swings associated with premenstrual syndrome, and then because by acting as a hormone re-modulator, it decreases menopausal problems and the probability of developing fibrocysts. Finally, in this field, more human studies and more research have also experienced significant health benefits in the treatment of migraines, headaches,anxiety, back pain and significant benefits regarding sleep and stress reduction.

Are there any contraindications or side effects?

Research studies conducted by the World Health Organization have shown that CBD is generally well tolerated with a high level of safety in the use of extracts.

Even natural substances might give side effects, if the doses used are too high and in particularly sensitive individuals. Cannabidiol, despite its presence in a small percentage, may cause minor side effects. First of all, dry mouth. This is a contraindication that has come up rarely and always in connection with a high CBD dosage. However, it cannot be excluded completely. Another contraindication that could occur, again in connection with cannabidiol, is a feeling of tiredness, since we are talking about a relaxing substance. A third side effect of CBD that emerged during the research was an alteration of appetite. Some subjects experienced increased hunger.

Scientists always recommend that you consult your doctor and start with a low dosage.




One of JustBob’s strengths is definitely the speed of shipping, of which we are very proud.

With our efficient Express Delivery, we can ensure that in our country orders are delivered on average within 24/48 hours (depending on the destination) after payment for CBD oil purchases at JustBob’s online shop. Your CBD oil products will be placed in suitable packaging to guarantee your privacy and secrecy that we are committed to defend for you. On the outside, there are no initials or symbols referring to our company and the packages are tightly sealed to discourage any kind of attempt to open them.

With a simple click, you can receive your orders in record time!

Can I check the shipping status of my order on JustBob? What if there are any problems?

In order to guarantee the possibility to track your order at any time, JustBob will send you the tracking code for the shipment by e-mail within 24 hours after the order has been placed. In addition, you will be pre-alerted on the day of delivery, either by e-mail or by SMS notification. Any shipping delays or difficulties will be notified in the same way.

For more information, clarification of the services provided, and for any problems regarding the fast delivery of CBD products or in the management of the JustBob account, you can contact JustBob customer service from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a team ready to answer and reach you:

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  • CBD Oil JB OIL 10% 10ml

    JB OIL 10%

    CBD Oil 10%

    Starting from: 9,90
  • JB_oil_25__-_10ml

    JB OIL 25%

    CBD Oil 25%

    Starting from: 14,90 13,40
  • CBD-Oil-JB-OIL-pets-30ml-2.5%


    CBD Oil 2.5%

    Starting from: 14,90
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