What is CBD?

Online, you often hear about CBD. So, let’s get up to date and clear about it. The “Cannabidiol” or CBD, is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in hemp, or CBD cannabis.
It has been widely reported by the time that this molecule has several therapeutic properties, including the ability to relax the body.
Although CBD offers significant benefits for heath and well-being, it is always important to remember that CBD has no psychoactive properties, at the opposite of its closest friend: THC.

The active component of cannabidiol has also been analysed by the World Health Organization (WHO), and as published, they insist on the point that “CBD is not addictive” and that CBD “does not cause psychoactive or cardiovascular negative effects.” For the WHO, CBD has “promising therapeutic properties.”

If suddenly, we look back in time, we should remember that in China, the first cannabis harvests have more than 6,000 years.
Hemp and cannabis contain more than 400 natural compounds, including two main elements. (which elements?)
CBD cannabis offers all the beneficial effects of classic marijuana, rich in THC, but without the dark-side effects.
On the other side, all “classic” marijuana strains contain high levels of THC that can have too strong an effect, even if they contain the benefits of CBD.
So, to stave off the problems related to high concentrations of THC, JustBob offers the full spectrum CBD products, derived exclusively from the high-quality hemp plant. CBD cannabis is the only Sativa cannabis strain with a natural trace of THC offering a level under 0.2% THC and making so our CBD cannabis suitable for consumption, with in a total absence of psychotropic effects.