Legal marijuana tea: preparation, benefits and (if any) contraindications

CBD weed tea

Modified on: 30/10/2023

How to prepare a legal hemp tea, what are its benefits and any side effects of CBD cannabis tea.

Legal CBD marijuana tea is one of the best alternatives to inhalation. It is, in fact, a method of intake that does not affect the respiratory or cardiovascular systems, allowing you to benefit from all the positive effects of CBD cannabis without suffering the disadvantages of smoking.

Preparing cannabis decoctions and herbal teas also allow cannabinoids to enter the circulation more slowly and to exercise their function for longer times, relieving pain and giving a general feeling of well-being and relaxation for several hours after taking.

Preparing a herbal tea or a decoction of legal herb allows you to fully preserve all the positive effects of its main cannabinoid, CBD (cannabidiol).

legal marihuana tea

This active ingredient has proven beneficial properties. Here are which:

  • inflammatory
  • antioxidants
  • anticonvulsants
  • analgesic
  • antidepressant
  • soothing

On average, to feel its effects, you have to wait 30 minutes per hour, but these last for hours. It makes the legal hemp herbal tea an excellent drink to be taken, for example, in the evening to sleep better, capable like no other infusion to stretch the limbs and dissolve even more pressing concerns, to grant a real and therapeutic sleep restaurateur, just like CBD oil.

In the next paragraph, we will explain how to prepare a legal CBD cannabis herbal tea. But maybe you want to know other recipes too, such as hemp cake!

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Legal hemp tea: preparation

Legal herbal tea can be basically of two types: absolute or mixed.

An absolute herbal tea provides only a mix of leaves and inflorescences of CBD weed, carefully thought out and designed for infusions.

The CBD buds herbal tea is ideal for cannabis lovers, who are used to use cannabis in many ways, precisely because the flavour and aromas of the plant are fully preserved, and they can appreciate all its nuances.

CBD buds herbal tea for cannabis light lovers

Furthermore, the concentration of legal marijuana herbal tea is higher, although it is possible to control it through different infusion times.

Higher concentrations are recommended for those accustomed to taking phytocannabinoids. Not only because they are less exposed to side effects (which will be discussed later), but also because their bodies will need higher quantities to manifest their positive impact.

The blends, on the other hand, are perfect both for having lower concentrations and for nuances of different aromas, smells and effects.

The main combinations are the following:

  • Legal marijuana, chamomile and lemon balm: chamomile softens the strong taste of cannabis with its sweet notes, while lemon balm, with the lemon-like aroma of lemon balm, gives the preparation its delicate harmony. Chamomile is an excellent antispasmodic which adds to the anticonvulsant action of cannabis. Meanwhile, the lemon balm is a strong anti-inflammatory and carminative agent. It makes the preparation not only a perfect remedy for insomnia, but also and above all a solution to menstrual pain or inflammations;
  • Legal marijuana and karkadè: karkadè is a plant of the Malvaceae family, characterized by the diuretic and antiseptic properties of the urinary tract. Once again, the full-bodied, warm and refreshing flavour of karkadè softens the bitter aftertaste of cannabis, making the infusion a delightful drink on the palate, as well as an excellent remedy for urinary problems;
  • Legal marijuana, ginger and liquorice: ginger is an excellent anti-congestion, with analgesic properties; its action on the digestive process also makes it an excellent remedy for nausea. The combination of ginger and liquorice has always been an excellent remedy for digestive problems or to dispose of unusually large or heavy meals. The bitter taste of hemp softens the sweet notes of both liquorice and ginger, while the pungent and spicy tones of ginger give the infusion an interesting flavour, extremely pleasant on the palate.
  • Legal hemp herbal tea benefits and preparation

In addition to the more traditional use of infusions, moreover, or through ingestion, they can also be used to relieve skin disorders, inflammations or bruises. The infusion can be used as the base of a foot bath or a compress.

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Hemp herbal tea: any side effects and contraindications

The CBD flower herbal tea has no side effects, as the THC contained in it goes below 0.2%. However, given the high concentration of CBD, those with severe and particular diseases should contact their doctor first.

As for the contraindications related to the intake of this infusion, rather than negative effects on the organism are precautions to be taken in order not to incur legal problems.

If you consume cannabis by smoking, you will find all the general contraindications of smoking (intake of carcinogenic substances, cardiovascular and lung diseases, etc.). Unless you use a vaporizer, take a herbal tea to the maximum it may “force” you to go to the bathroom once more a day.

The precautions to keep in mind and to respect derive from the fact that although the THC concentrations are too low to cause any sensitive effect, they can be detected by the authorities’ equipment.

Reason why taking legal weed herbal teas are absolutely to be avoided in case you are driving or you will have to drive anyway.

The penalties for those who are caught driving under the influence of drugs are not to be underestimated.