What is popcorn bud and when is it produced?

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The role of popcorn buds on the cannabis plant

What are popcorn buds?

This is a particular phenomenon due to certain factors that are often unavoidable during cannabis cultivation.

What are they?

In this article we will delve into this question.

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What are popcorn buds and why are they produced?

Most growers train their plants to maximize yield and produce a wide range of superior quality flowers.

However, not all parts of a cannabis plant receive the same nutrients and light exposure as the topmost group of flowers (the “tail”). For this reason, the buds at the bottom of the plant, further away from the light and closer to the ground, tend to develop differently than those at the top.

These lower shoots are the popcorn buds, so called because of their airy structure and small size, which gives them the appearance of “popcorn”,

These buds appear mainly due to shade and high temperatures.

But that is not all.

Stress can also affect the development of popcorn shoots, so it is essential to keep conditions as stable as possible. Inadequate ventilation and a lack of fresh air encourages growth, so it is important to monitor the environment regularly so that the temperature and humidity are kept in the optimal range.

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Advantages and disadvantages of popcorn tops

Popcorn buds differ from full buds not only in their appearance.

Because the part of the plant where popcorn “buds” grow may not receive the same levels of heat, sunlight and airflow, these buds may not have as many trichomes as their “premium” counterparts.

For this reason, they may not produce the same levels of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids as full buds.

In addition, popcorn is often considered less potent, pure, or flavorful. However, some specific advantages of these buds may make them more appealing to certain consumers.

What advantages are we talking about?

First of all, they offer similar effects to whole buds, and the reason is simple: they still contain acceptable levels of THC or CBD.

Secondly, their price is lower. Popcorn buds are useful, but often unwanted by growers. For this reason, smaller buds are often cut from the plant and sold to dispensaries at a more affordable price.

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Is the potency of popcorn buds different from that of medium-sized buds?

As mentioned above, popcorn buds usually have the same THC, CBD, CBG, CBVA and terpene content as larger buds.

To find out for sure, you can check the strain profile on the side of the packaging you receive from the dispensary. However, there are things growers can do to ensure that popcorn buds have the same potency as larger flowers.

What exactly are we talking about?

It should be known that cannabis flower is delivered to consumers in three sizes, and based on this criterion, it is possible to determine more or less accurately the effect that can be expected from this or that strain.

But let’s go in order.

The shakes are the fragments of cannabis flowers that are released during handling. In terms of effects, the shake is the least potent form of cannabis because its resins are more exposed to air and abrasion. Many users prefer it for cooking and preparing tinctures.

The nug is the full-sized flower that grows at the top of the cannabis plant. It is not shaded by other flowers, so it grows to its full size. Most marijuana connoisseurs agree that the nug is more enjoyable than the shake or smaller popcorn flowers, partly because it offers the full potency and flavor of the strain.

Finally, Popcorn Bud is, as mentioned, a cannabis flower that has grown at the bottom of the cola, i.e. the terminal bud, where all the flowers grow together.

It doesn’t get much light and that’s why the buds are small.

They don’t look impressive but, despite what you may hear, they have essentially the same content of THC, CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids as nugs – when you buy weed produced by an experienced and certified grower, of course.

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In this article we have seen what popcorn buds are and how they can be exploited by growers and users of CBD weed.

In fact, to benefit from their effects, it is essential to buy only from retailers like Justbob, the Italian reference portal for legal CBD cannabis products.

We hope to see you on Justbob, see you soon!