Quality legal hashish: how can we recognise it?

How to recognise quality legal hashish

Here are the checks you can make to see when CBD hashish is of good quality

Let’s face it: nobody likes to buy a product and realise they have wasted their money on a cheap item.

In the area of CBD cannabis, this risk is quite rare, thanks to the stringent quality controls that characterise this market. Still, there is always the possibility of ‘getting a dud’, especially when buying legal hashish, a product with which many consumers have little confidence.

How to protect yourself from this danger?

The only way is to know how to check the quality of legal hashish so that you can see whether the item you are buying is shoddy or, on the other hand, really worth the price paid.

In the following article, we will explain how to carry out these checks according to the different production techniques of this article.

Boy sniffing hashish

Want to test the quality of legal hashish? Start by using your nose

The first indicator of the quality of legal hash is the smell.

Of course, you cannot check this characteristic before you buy the product. Physical shops do not allow you to open the packages of legal hash and smell the contents so that you can be sure of its quality until after you have bought it.

However, once you have bought it, you can test it. Smell it and pay attention to the smell you get. If it is of quality, it will be fragrant and intensely aromatic.

If it tastes musty or smells of chemicals, leave it alone. It has probably gone wrong or been spiked with non-natural compounds that have contaminated it. The latter possibility is rare, thanks to the controls characterising the legal cannabis supply chain. However, there is always the possibility of being faced with the wrong product.

Besides the smell, other characteristics can help you recognise quality hashish. These depend on the method of extracting the resin from the cannabis plant.

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Here are the characteristics of a good, hand-rubbed legal hashish

The oldest hashish harvesting technique is hand rubbing. It is practised by gathering the cannabis buds and, in effect, rubbing them between the hands vigorously.

The resin sticks to the palms during this operation and is scraped into small balls called charas.

This method of harvesting causes the hash to have a soft consistency and be slightly sticky to the touch. If it is too sticky, however, there may be a possibility that it contains additive oils, a characteristic that indicates a poor product.

As a rule, high-quality charas is black or dark brown on the outside, while the inside is light brown and may contain green spots. The latter’s presence is regular, but if their quantity is such that they make up the majority of the hashish ball, then there is an excess of plant residue, and the product is not of high quality.

Dry sieved legal hashish: how to recognise quality hashish rolls

Dry sieving is the most widespread hashish production technique.

It is practised by rubbing the dried cannabis buds on a sieve to remove the trichomes and obtain a brown powder called kief. The kief is then pressed into pellets.

The typical appearance of quality dry-sifted hashish depends on how hard it has been pressed. If the pressing was light, the cake should be light brown. It should also have a crumbly, ‘sandy’ consistency. Conversely, if pressed consistently, it should have a shiny appearance with a dark brown colour.

Finally, some types of dry-sifted hash are red, but this is a relatively rare variety.

Ice water for making bubble hash

How to recognise quality legal bubble hash

Bubble hash results from a production technique quite different from the previous ones. First, it is obtained by immersing the plant in ice water so the buds can be processed.

Then a multilayer sieving is carried out whereby the trichomes are removed from the plant material and, at the same time, impurities are removed from the harvested resin.

Bubble hash can be purchased in powder form or as a pressed lump. In the former case, a quality product should have a crystalline appearance, similar to brown sugar.

Bubble hash cakes, however, are virtually identical in colour to those obtained by dry sifting. To the touch, however, they are much more moist and sticky.

Quality bubble hash must be soft and easy to work with. Otherwise, there is the possibility that it contains an excessive amount of plant residue.

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To recognise quality legal hashish, try the bubble test

There is one last test you can perform to check the quality of legal hashish, whatever its type: the blister test.

It is a straightforward procedure. First, you must take a piece of hash and set it on fire with a lighter. It will start to boil and burn pretty quickly if it is of good quality.

Bad pieces of hash, contaminated with other substances, on the other hand, tend not to boil and burn much more slowly, blackening during this process.

A brick that boils too quickly can also be a bad sign: it could indicate the addition of oils, which are often added precisely to mask the presence of contaminants that prevent the hashish from boiling.

In conclusion

In this article, we have explained how to recognise quality legal hashish according to the different production techniques of this product.

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