Vaping CBD with an electronic cigarette: what are the effects?

Vaping CBD with an electronic cigarette

Modified on: 19/09/2022

Is it possible to vape CBD? What effects would it have on the organism?

Cannabis, which has always been in the spotlight of countless ethical and moral debates, is finally beginning to take its revenge, thanks to the now undeniable beneficial properties of one of its main components in particular: CBD.

Also known as cannabinol, this cannabinoid appears to have numerous positive effects on health and mood.

But how to take it without risking nullifying all the benefits of smoking marijuana in the form of a joint?

Today, it is possible to ‘smoke’ a cigarette without actually smoking it, thanks to the spread of electronic cigarettes, which do away with combustion while maintaining both the gesture and the nicotine supply.

Is it possible to do the same with CBD? Let’s see it together.

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Can CBD be vaped? How?

If you are a cannabis enthusiast and have recently considered vaping, you are wondering if it is possible to combine your passions and vape cannabinol.

The answer is yes! You have to take your electronic cigarette – or buy one for a few tens of euros if you don’t have one yet – and buy the CBD e-liquid. Ensure that it is quality, i.e., it has various certificates of conformity.

At this point, load the liquid into the cartridge and wait a few minutes before vaping to allow the materials in contact with the coil to absorb the liquid properly.

Everything is now ready to start vaping. Press the power button and inhale the vapour produced by the electronic cigarette, hold a few seconds and enjoy the experience.

Remember to clean your electronic cigarette thoroughly after using it. The vapour can encourage the proliferation of bacteria and pathogens that you don’t want to come into contact with, do you? So keep your electronic cigarette clean in a suitable place until your next vape.

But what are the effects of CBD inhaled via an e-cigarette?

The benefits of vaping are many.

The benefits of vaping

Firstly, the inhalation of CBD allows very rapid absorption of the active ingredient, which will enter the bloodstream directly through the pulmonary alveoli. Furthermore, the inhalation mode keeps the bioavailability of the substance high, allowing almost all of the inhaled CBD to be absorbed.

This allows the properties of cannabidiol to be exploited to the fullest, making lower dosages sufficient.

Another advantage of vaping is the absence of nicotine and thus the possibility of combating nicotine addiction without giving up the act and ritual revolving around smoking. Moreover, as it does not require combustion, the electronic cigarette eliminates the risks of inhaling smoke.

Let us now look in more detail at the effects of taking CBD:

  • Anxiolytic and antidepressant effects. The properties of CBD in this respect have been well known for some time. Many people, in fact, use it as a remedy against social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks;
  • Beneficial effects in the management of insomnia. CBD can modulate and stabilise sleep. Its relaxing properties are crucial here;
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Cannabinoids can stimulate or inhibit neuronal transmission between cells, significantly reducing the perception of pain;
  • Antispasmodic effects. The use of CBD in patients with multiple sclerosis has led to a reduction in the frequency and intensity of the typical muscle spasms of this disease;
  • anticonvulsant effects. CBD is also used effectively in cases of epilepsy to limit the extent and frequency of seizures.

CBD‘s ability to reduce the perception of pain has practical applications in cases of pathological disorders such as those mentioned so far. It can also be of great help in everyday situations.

For instance, in the case of menstrual pain, CBD also proves to be very useful in the case of acute pain due to endometriosis.

Unlike many conventional drugs, CBD can be taken without any particular concerns about side effects, helps relieve back pain, and helps manage typical mood swings.

Even in migraine attacks, taking CBD can be instrumental in managing the problem. Several patients report a significant decrease in monthly episodes from more than 10 attacks to less than 5.

Its properties also help mitigate nausea that typically results from a very severe headache attack.

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Beware, though: CBD e-liquid and CBD oil are different!

CBD e-liquid and CBD oil are not the same thing

Several liquid CBD products are on the market, such as CBD oil, cannabis resin oil, and e-cigarette liquids. Although they may seem the same thing, the reality is quite different.

The difference between these products lies mainly in their viscosity. CBD oil, for example, is easy to imagine since it is an oil that contains a fatty part that is not suitable for burning or even heating.

Vaping CBD oil, therefore, will not only damage your e-cigarette but may also cause quite severe damage to your respiratory health.

CBD e-liquids, on the other hand, are produced specifically and solely for vaping. Therefore, their composition is compatible with the heating produced by the e-cig. Consequently, it does not risk making you inhale the fumes resulting from overheating the fatty matter inside.

If done carefully and with the right products, Vaping is a viable alternative to cigarette smoking.

In conclusion, what are the effects of vaping CBD liquids?

The effects attributed to vaping CBD are the already known effects of CBD, with a few additional strengths.

Through the inhalation mode, the electronic cigarette allows you to enjoy all the benefits of cannabinol by eliminating the combustion phase, which is mainly responsible for all the side effects associated with cannabis through smoking.

By vaping the CBD liquid, you also retain the benefits of the inhalation method. The absorption and release of the active ingredient into the bloodstream will occur as quickly as if you had smoked marijuana, and the bioavailability will also remain the same.

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