What does feminized seeds mean?

Of all the marijuana seeds available on the market, feminized seeds are born with the aim of giving life exclusively to female-type plants.
Specifically feminized marijuana seeds (Cannabis, Weed) are bred to produce 99% of female plants.
Under normal conditions, depending on the chromosomal composition XX or XY, a male or a female plant may develop. Through the feminization process the plant is obliged to obtain only the pollen necessary for the production of seeds.
The creation of these hemp seeds really is unbelievable.

How are the feminized seeds produced?

Feminized seeds are created using female plants that have received a special hormone treatment. One effect of using this hormone is that it is able to force female plants to produce cannabis flowers of the male species containing the x chromosome. Once fertilized using this pollen, female plants can generate 100% female seeds.
This means that with absolute certainty the crop produced by the feminized seeds will always include familiar flowers of the same sex.

What advantages feminized seeds offer?

Of all the marijuana seeds, feminized seeds are certainly among the most sought after and offer growers full control over their operations, helping to eradicate any potential phenotype variation, while ensuring that only the finest gems are produced.
Our range of feminized marijuana seeds (Cannabis) is wide, highly proven and developed by our selectors to offer a variety of high quality seeds.
In our packages of feminised marijuana seeds we are sure to offer a desirable option for a lot of farmers as this genetics completely raises the problem of excess male plants that we find too often to ruin the job.