What does accelerated growth seeds mean?

The short-flowering seeds are obtained by crossing various cannabis strains of rapid genetics. Breeding helps reduce the time it takes for the plant to bloom or sprout.
Another method used to produce seeds with accelerated growth, as described above, is that of the autoflowering. The fastest autoflowering strains are created by making the plant skip the vegetative phase of its life cycle so as to bring it automatically and in one go to its flowering phase.
Our “Fast Flowering” seeds (with accelerated growth) are all Autoflowering and obviously Feminized (they generate 99% female plants).

How quickly do plants grown from fast-growing cannabis seeds flourish?

Generally, for a crop of marijuana it is necessary to wait a whole season to flower completely, about 3-5 months. However, with short-flowering cannabis seeds, full bloom can be achieved in just eight weeks. These strains are genetically coded, so they flower quickly making cannabis plants ready for harvest after just 6-7 weeks.
Our “Fast Flowering” Selection brings together the fastest plants on the planet!

Seeds with accelerated growth better yield when grown outdoors or indoors?

Just the rapidity with which they bloom makes it possible to plant short-flowering marijuana seeds inside as well as outside. Growing marijuana indoors allows you to grow a smaller crop faster, while outdoor cultivation maximizes crop yield, much faster than with other types of seeds. Another important aspect is that since the plants bloom so fast, you will have a good chance of reaching the bloom with advance on the bad weather.
All this helps to maximize crop yield and with very little maintenance if grown outdoors or indoors.