What are Indoor, Greenhouse, and Glasshouse Cannabis cultures?

When we talk about CBD cannabis cultivation, we have to understand the different methods of farming, that also affect the quality and the price of the cannabis buds.

We can distinguish 3 cultivation methods:


It defines the cannabis crops developed in a dedicated space. Such crops only use artificial light and producers can recreate all the environmental conditions that affect the plant and the flower growth. Besides, by growing indoors, farmers can also produce in wintertime without any weather or seasonal restriction.
Generally, indoor marijuana cultures are the most valuable and are higher in quality. Thanks to the enormous amount of energy and resources required for this production methodology. The price is therefore higher than the others. 


These modern productions are a sort of middle ground between the Indoor and the Greenhouse CBD cannabis crops. Glasshouse culture is the latest technique to grow cannabis plants.
Most plants are now grown in glasshouses, as they are a kind of unique greenhouses of the newest generation. The glasshouses are often made of glass structures and farmers use a combination of artificial and natural light to allow production throughout the year.


It refers to Hemp grown in greenhouses using natural light. The greenhouses can be very different from each other in terms of shapes and sizes. In this category, we include only the CBD productions that do not exploit artificial light in any way. Through the greenhouse, you can spread 2 or 3 cycles per year, but still, it will be almost impossible to grow in the winter season.


Outdoor cannabis plants are the “classic” outdoor crops. Unfortunately, this production technique does not allow an effective control of the plant’s life cycle, and often, the flowers grown in this way are not as “nice” and productive. Outdoor cannabis crops also fail to develop high levels of CBD. Besides, with this cultivation method only one round of production per year can be carried out. For this reason, JustBob decided not to sell Outdoor CBD flowers.