Is it legal to cultivate THC Seeds in Europe?

In Europe, marijuana seeds are sold as collectable items and this can also be seen from the work done in their packaging and marketing.
In Europe they are illegal products with THC higher than 0.2%, for this reason, since they do not contain any at all, the seeds we sell are completely legal. But be careful, if grown on the European territory the marijuana seeds would generate illegal plants in their flowering phase. The flowers are in fact able to develop high THC levels, well beyond the limits of the current European threshold.
For the reasons mentioned above, we invite our customers to collect these products, but we exonerate ourselves from any liability if these seeds were actually cultivated.
Anyway, each country has its own laws regarding this matter, so, it’s better to search for the right rules before using the seeds. Sell and buy this products for collector use is anyway legal throughout the world.