How to retain your CBD cannabis?

According to several studies, cannabinoids contained in your CBD cannabis flowers can remain stable for two years if the cannabis buds are correctly stored. So, for optimal long-term storage, you need to create the perfect environment.

If you want to keep your CBD cannabis for long, it’s essential to understand what kills the agents in your CBD buds.

The Light

Many factors can cause the degradation of the cannabis flower. Still, the most critical factor is the light. So, when storing your cannabis, keep the CBD flowers out of direct contact with any light source.


Another critical factor in the long-term storage of cannabis is the oxygen level. Your cannabis flowers don’t like getting too much oxygen, because it leads to active agents’ degradation.
However, an insufficient oxygen level can also affect the humidity grade, and thus lead to mold.
One of the best solutions to create better storage, both airtight and beneficial of your CBD cannabis, is the use of boxes that wholly and quickly enclose cannabis flowers. It’s essential to choose a suitable size one.


Mold and moisture go hand in hand, so to prevent it, you need to keep your CBD cannabis flowers dry. However, a good quality CBD cannabis flower cannot be too dry. Otherwise, you will cause the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids. It is, therefore, essential to maintain correct moisture levels for the long-term storage of cannabis.


High temperatures can make the buds to dry and the terpene can evaporate. The result? dense smoke and unpleasant flavor. That’s why most people recommend storing cannabis in a “cool and dark” place, in order to create the right conservation environment.