How to best preserve cannabis seeds?

All cannabis seeds marketed by JustBob are packaged in special vacuum capsules with set humidity and pressure to ensure proper seed conservation.
Once the package is opened, we recommend keeping the marijuana seeds in a dry place with at most 9% humidity, preferably in a dark and cool place.
Remember: the optimum temperature for storing marijuana seeds is between 6 and 8 degrees and the best place to store them at home is often the fridge.
We advise you this because the correct conservation of Marijuana Seeds involves mainly these 3 factors:

  • Air humidity: Cannabis seeds are living organisms that during storage persist in a “resting phase” that ceases, to give life to the germination phase, when they come into contact with moisture. For these reasons we recommend a closed container with humidity not exceeding 9%
  • Temperature: Temperature fluctuations can seriously damage the seed, so it is advisable not to open the refrigerator frequently (if you have chosen this place at home). The choice of the refrigerator, especially if at home is often the best because marijuana seeds, just like all the others, are perfectly capable of preserving themselves even at very low temperatures.
  • Light: Light, like humidity, is one of the factors that puts the seed germination process into effect; for this reason it is recommended to limit the exposure of the seeds to direct light.