Cultivating THC Seeds, is it legal in Europe?

As already mentioned, in Europe these products can be sold as collector’s items, this fact is evident because of the work done in the packaging and marketing by this famous seed bank.
In Europe products with THC greater than 0.2% are illegal, that is why the seeds we are selling are 100% legal (not containing THC); but if they were grown in Europe they would generate plants that would become illegal in their flowering period (because the flowers would reach THC levels much higher than the current European limits).
For the above reasons, we advise our European customers to collect the seeds, stating that we are exonerated from any responsibility if they were actually grown.
Anyway, each European nation has its own rules regarding this matter, so, it is better to search for the right information before using the seeds, but sell them for collector use is in any case legal throughout the world.