Sweet berry: CBD cannabis as sweet as a fruit.

Sweet Berry: a fruited CBD Cannabis

Sweet berry is a type of CBD cannabis with sweet and fruited aroma. Discover everything about it.

Sweet Berry is a type of CBD cannabis characterized by a fruity aroma and flavor.

Belonging to the purple category, due to the purple color of the inflorescences, the legal Sweet Berry marijuana is cultivated using cutting-edge agricultural techniques, in order to fully preserve the aromas and flavors and avoid the pollination of the male plants.

sweet berry cbd bud

Female inflorescences are sold in sealed packages and are not subjected to post-drying treatments. Not only: all our lots come from organic indoor cultivation.

It is therefore a 100% natural product, strictly controlled and completely legal.

In fact the psychotic metabolite, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is present in concentrations lower than 0.2%, in accordance with the law of December 2, 2016, n.242. On the other hand, the amount of CBD is definitely high (generally 22% higher).

Characteristics of the Sweet Berry legal CBD marijuana plant.

Like all CBD Sative cannabis plants, Sweet Berry is characterized by its tall, leafy stem.

The inflorescences concentrate mainly at the ends of the branches and not – as it happens in the Indica Cannabis – at the nodes.

Therefore, compared to the Indica variety, the Sweet Berry does not take on the classic bush-like conformation and prefers a balanced development both in height and in width, requiring more space.

The plants, if grown outdoors, can reach a considerable height: let’s say on average of 2.5 / 3 meters, up to a maximum of 5 meters.

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The space to be left between a plant and the other of the same row, consequently, increases considerably: it goes from 20/30 centimeters for the indica variety to a minimum of 50/60 centimeters, so as to leave to each specimen the necessary space to fully develop the branches and roots.

The yield is greater than the Indica variety, with a quantity of inflorescences per plant that can vary from 650 to 700 grams. If the plant, on the other hand, is left as a seed, these are contained in brown fruits, with fleshy endosperm and a curved embryo.

If grown indoors, Sweet Berry plants reach a height between 100 and 140 centimeters, with a yield ranging from 500 to 550 grams per square meter.

The lanceolate leaves, the basal alternating with the higher ones, rarely grow singularly, characterized by purple nuances, making it an extremely pleasant plant even from the aesthetic point of view.

Like all Satives, Sweet Berry has a very rapid and constant vegetative period even in the flowering period. Contrary to the Indica variety, flowering is slower than the vegetative phase and inflorescences are less voluminous, although more numerous due to the larger size of the plant.

Sweet Bery: characteristics of the inflorescences.

The legal Sweet Berry marijuana has inflorescences with pleasing purple hues, compact and soft, of medium size and rich in resin.

sweet berry marijuana resin

Sometimes the flowers can reach two grams of weight each and are never separated for packaging, so as not to disperse the aroma.

The rounded shapes are interrupted by the orange pistils that emerge from the interlacing of resin crystals. Exposed to the light, in fact, are the resin crystals that reveal the purple shades and give the Sweet Berry its peculiar appearance.

The main strength of Sweet Berry’s inflorescences, however, is its aroma and flavor. Let’s see the details together:

  • The aroma is very complex: the fruity notes, predominantly cherry and blueberry, certainly stand out, but a closer examination also leads to hints of citrus fruit. The effect is overall balsamic: the smells are well defined and harmonize with each other, without one dominating the other. This makes Sweet Berry a legal CBD marijuana variety perfect both for connoisseurs, who can fully appreciate the delicate nuances, and for beginners, who can confront themselves with an excellent quality product, capable of teasing all the senses.
  • The flavor is complementary to the aroma: the Sweet Berry progressively reveals all its fruity notes over time. Initially the citrus notes emerge, followed progressively by the scent of cherry and blueberry. The smoke flows nicely in the throat and does not scrape, so as not to disturb even the palates not accustomed to cannabis intake. Connoisseurs sometimes recognize final acidic notes which, however, do not create disharmony with the vibrant fruity nuances and which are sensitive only to the most trained palates.

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The effects of Sweet Berry.

Like any CBD Sativa, Sweet Berry has a THC concentration of less than 0.2%. The CBD, as you could read earlier, is medium-high: it is usually over 22%.

Many advise letting the inflorescences air for a few hours before consuming them, so as to fully bring out the aromas and active ingredients.

The predominant sensation is that of an intense relaxation that does not clash (remember that legal weed has no psychotropic effects). It is therefore capable of giving quiet moments that can last even longer.

Therefore, the consumption of Sweet Berry presents itself as an experience that is worth the purchase. It not only confers the tranquility and relaxation derived from the intake of CBD, but above all positively stimulates the other senses.

The purchase is completely legal as the use for recreational purposes remains an administrative crime and consumption in public remains prohibited.

Opening the package of Sweet Berry, as indicated on the package, is not an operation that can be done outdoors but the discretion and privacy of the home walls is required.