The strange story of the marijuana tree.

Here is the strange story of the marijuana tree

Modified on: 12/09/2023

Have you ever heard of the marijuana tree? Read this article, and you will discover a curious story that took place in germany.

There have been many methods to grow marijuana and CBD weed / CBD flowers in the UK and worldwide. Among the strangest cultures, the one that has remained in history is undoubtedly the marijuana tree.

It is a story in Germany a few years ago and has managed to amaze the whole world.

If you have no idea what it is, read this article, and you will get the details about the history of this ingenious crop discovered in a German forest.

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Ingenuity and imagination: this is the story of the marijuana tree.

Today, there are so many ways to grow light cannabis in all its variations! Some prefer to grow in greenhouses, some inside containers, some outside. The story we are going to tell you now concerns a different method.

In Germany, in the Haunstetter forest, here someone had a strange idea, which was discovered before reaping the fruits of hard work.

It all started like this: one day a man, walking among the trees in the forest, noticed strange vases attached to the tallest branches of the trees. After an initial moment of astonishment and curiosity, it didn’t take long to realise that they were marijuana plants. That’s when he alerted the local authorities.

After inspecting the reported area, the police found 35 pots of maturing marijuana: an excellent find!

Subsequently, the search was extended to the surrounding areas, and the result was that 275 vases were found!

All the plants (15 cm to 1 metre high) had been attached to the trees’ tallest branches, so it took hours of work to remove them from the first to the last.

Some were even 25 metres high so that the police also had to call on the Augusta fire brigade’s help.

As for the perpetrators, despite investigations and interviews with visitors to the forest, it was impossible to identify the suspects, who managed to get away with it!

There is ingenuity and imagination in the history of the marijuana tree

Cannabis tree in Germany: isolated case or widespread cultivation?

It cannot be said that the cultivation of cannabis or CBD weed in treetops is widespread, but the case discovered in Germany is the first reported. This idea has also been developed and implemented in other parts of the world.

Wondering why on earth you hang 25-metre high marijuana plants?

The reason is mainly connected to the location. 

In fact, in a wood, being a public place, it is difficult to identify the culprit for such work, unless one is caught in the act.

This cultivation method, also known as “Guerilla”, consists of identifying a place far from home, where there are many large, dense trees close together. In this way, by hanging the vases at the right height, they are invisible from both above and below.

It was precisely the aim of those who sprinkled the Haunstetter forest with pots and marijuana plants.

Each pot is usually equipped with a passive irrigation system, but some depend solely on rainfall.

Therefore, to carry out this method of illegal cultivation of hemp and unauthorised light hemp, it is necessary to have an excellent knowledge of the territory and the right skills to climb trees without taking risks.

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The risks of “guerrilla” cultivation.

As you may have read the model of the cannabis tree, this may seem like a creative and ingenious idea. However, in reality, apart from the difficulties of realisation. It is a method that hides many pitfalls.

As was the case in the Haunstetter forest, the plants could be discovered accidentally and reported to the police, or other cannabis enthusiasts could steal them. 

Not only that, even animals and adverse weather conditions are serious threats to the harvest.

Indeed, depending on the location chosen, it is possible that the plants could be attacked by different varieties of birds and insects, but also by greedy rodents.

Guerrilla cultivation has risks

As far as the weather is concerned, on the other hand, even in case of frost and heavy rain, the hemp plants will have to fend for themselves, as a continuous intervention would be too risky.

In short, this technique requires a lot of effort and many dangers, but its result is by no means guaranteed.

In conclusion.

As you can see, the bizarre story of the cannabis tree also concerns an illegal cultivation method, which hides many traps.

Not only do those who choose to focus on this type of cultivation run criminal risks, moreover even the plants left to themselves, they will never offer the excellent results of plants grown legally at the right temperatures and with the care needed to get the best.

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