Can CBD affect sex? Here’s the truth

Can CBD really affect sex life?

Can cannabidiol have an impact on the quality of sexual relations? It would seem so

The positive effects of cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic substance found in cannabis, are the focus of many scientists worldwide, and there seems to be little doubt about its benefits. Many people, however, wonder whether CBD can affect sex life, as we often read about on the web. Well, research in this regard is more active than ever. Scientists are looking for confirmation of the favourable opinion of many people who claim to have noticed changes in their intimate sphere after taking this substance.

In this article, you will find out which aspects CBD is thought to improve in this respect.

CBD can be an aphrodisiac

What are the effects of CBD on men’s sex life?

Sex – it is known – is a rather important aspect of many people’s lives. Unfortunately, however, due to the stresses of everyday life, poor rest and anxiety for a variety of reasons (including the fear of not being able to have a satisfying sexual relationship), many men find themselves in the unpleasant situation of having to give up fulfilling and peaceful sex life.

The problems mentioned earlier, in fact, negatively affect the chemical, physical and psychological balance of a large proportion of men who complain of problems in the sexual sphere. Poor rest, for example, leads to general disarray and, consequently, to a drop in libido. On the other hand, having one’s head constantly filled with thoughts triggers a process whereby the body releases hormones and other chemicals that are enemies of sex. The consequences manifest in physical problems such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

These dynamics are prevalent among men of all ages, even younger ones. It should be noted, however, that the quality of a man’s sex life (and thus of the couple) can also begin to decline with advancing age due to increased production of dioxin. In addition, this toxin has adverse effects on muscle fibres, including those of the male reproductive system.

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Although ongoing studies still need proof and counter-evidence, cannabidiol has positive effects on sex for several reasons. Indeed, this substance interacts with the endocannabinoid system (which has receptors throughout the body) and, in addition to aiding sleep, is a natural anxiolytic. As a result, CBD helps you rest better and fight anxiety and stress. Therefore, it also has repercussions on libido. Furthermore, it appears that its intake can counteract the production of dioxin (or, at any rate, limit it) and, consequently, restore the ability of tissues to receive and retain blood.

How many drops of CBD to take per day

Cannabidiol for women: not quite an aphrodisiac, but almost

Like men, women too can be negatively affected by factors such as anxiety and stress and suffer the effects in the sexual sphere. We’re not only talking about a decrease in desire but also about physiological episodes that make intercourse difficult, such as vaginal spasms and intimate dryness. Taking cannabidiol can help women achieve a general sense of relaxation throughout the body and clear the mind of anxieties and insecurities, which is essential for experiencing sexuality in a serene and unrestricted manner.

That’s not all: CBD has excellent vasodilating properties; therefore, taking it allows for a more excellent blood supply to the genital area, which, by becoming more sensitive, receives stimuli better. By acting on factors that counteract libido and the attainment of pleasure, CBD works almost like a natural aphrodisiac for women. In addition to having effects on chemical balances and mood, it can intensify perceptions on a physical level both in the intimate area and in other erogenous zones, facilitating orgasm.

CBD oil: how to use it for sex

We have said that CBD (according to the first results of some studies and its general effects on the body) can indeed affect sex. But, of course, the scientific community – which, in many of its representatives, is showing a growing interest in CBD and its effects – will continue to pursue research and, presumably, make discoveries on the subject. We at Justbob, who sell cannabis light and other hemp derivatives, will keep you updated with all the news in our blog.

Now, however, let’s see how you can use CBD to improve your sex life. The quickest and most effective solution is to take CBD oil orally. You can dose the drops either in a drink or food or under the tongue; in the first case, absorption will be slower but last longer. In the second case, it will be faster, but the effects will last shorter. If you are wondering how many drops of CBD a day you can take, know that this depends on its concentration (you will find several options in our CBD shop).

CBD oil can also be used as a lubricant for intimate parts. So besides facilitating intercourse, you will also enjoy its effects locally with this product. However, remember that its composition may damage the condom, so be careful!

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In conclusion

Cannabidiol is a substance that can improve several aspects of people’s lives, including sex. In our CBD flower shop, you will find a wide selection of products derived from CBD weed, such as different qualities of marijuana and CBD hashish, CBD oil and much more.

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