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Biologival ProductionCBD + CBDA < 17%INDOOR CULTIVATIONTHC < 0.2%

Strawberry OG, CBD flowers

Strawberry is a CBD quality that is very appreciated by fans of the genre. This sativa hemp strain has a high quality of CBD, greater than 17% while a THC value that is less than 0.2%. Strawberry weeds belong to the Cheese family, an aspect to consider when discussing the plant characteristics.

The Strawberry OG weed: its CBD features

Strawberry OG is the cross between the Bruce Banner #3 and the x SFV OG IBL. These varieties are really different from the Strawberry Kush or the Stawberry Haze. But unlike other legal cannabis genetics, strawberry weed stands out as a literally unique product of its kind. Its fragrance is really very soft, enveloping, sweet and pleasant, while its flavor is characterized by a very delicate aftertaste, with a marked fruity notes and a very clear hint of strawberry, from which it takes its name. Cannabis buds are medium-large and have a very dark color. The marijuana plants has a medium size with a lot of apical buds, which are obtained from a very common technique in the cultivation of cannabis with a high THC content. The CBD buds are therefore very voluminous and rich in resin as well as compact, and characterized by a high concentration of red pistils.

The indoor cultivation of Strawberry OG

The indoor cultivation of Strawberry OG takes place in Pavia and together with its organic production represent a high quality factor for the well being of the plant. Furthermore, in this specific agricultural company a particular method is used to refine the humidity control, necessary for the high rate of this factor outside the cultivation area. Everything is done in modern and innovative environments in the sector of the legal cannabis panorama in Italy, all this is possible thanks to really important investments. Both the harvest and the cleaning are strictly done by hand while the tanning period is very long in order to allow the final product to obtain a special taste. Moreover the plants are obviously NO GMOs. No pesticides, metals, fertilizers or metals are never used.

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