SET of 6 x Cannabis CBD Oil 5%



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CBD 5%THC < 0.2%

Cannabis oil: 6 bottles of Cannabis CBD Oil 5% 10 ML

Just Bob cannabis oil is extracted from Futura75 hemp varieties. This genetics has a very high concentration of CBD, while the THC value obviously does not exceed the allowed limits. The plants are strictly cultivated in Europe with a purely biological regime. No pesticides or herbicides of any kind are used. This choice is obviously aimed at obtaining a product of high quality.

CBD Cannabis oil: intakes and ingredients

This specific CBD cannabis oil is an easy way to take and dose CBD: sublingual intake is the fastest way to feel its benefits. Thanks to the dropper you can easily increase or decrease the dosage as needed. Below the used ingredients:

  • Organic CBD oil 10 ml
  • Future Hemp Extract 75 0.5 gr
  • Organic mandarin oil 0.04 ml
  • Organic cinnamon essence oil 0.02 ml

Buy CBD Oil: the available formats

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