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Pineapple weed, sativa weed

Pineapple weed is a quality that attracts lovers of CBD flower UK very much. What stands out immediately when we talk about pineapple weed UK is certainly its differentiation from other sativa weed genetics. A unique, almost exotic taste due also to its origins. La pineapple chunk weed  derives from the intersection of two very famous qualities such as the Trainwreck and the Hawaiian. From such valuable strains a high quality cannabis lights with a high CBD content could be born, which exceeds 18% with THC percentages below 0.5%.

The characteristics of the pineapple weed

This genetic specification was obtained from a quality very similar to the famous and beloved Gorilla Glue but with different production methods that differentiated it in terms of quality and flower size. The pineapple weed fragrance is very intense and very pleasant, while the aftertaste is soft and quite sweet. The name of this genetics derives both from the smell and from the size, in addition to the fruity taste with notes of mango and pineapple, in fact. Cannabis seeds are medium to large in size and have a very bright green color and light orange pistils. The marijuana plant is medium in size and has a good yield.

Pineapple's indoor cultivation

The indoor cultivation of CBD flower UK takes place in Italy with specific environments specifically designed to obtain the best quality. Both the collection and the cleaning are done by hand, with a single step in a latest generation trimmer. In fact, only the most innovative and modern methodologies of the sector are used. Fertilizers, metals or pesticides of any kind have obviously not been used. The plants are to be considered NO GMOs.


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