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Gold Grinder JustBob

On the JustBob grinder shop you can find the best grinders, meat grinders or minced CBD flower. These differ in quality, the material with which it is made and in how many parts it is divided. At the ends of the mince there are the blades to allow you to chop the grass. This chopped steel grass is more robust and durable than those made of aluminum, to achieve a longer life. The design of this golden grinder is truly unique with 4 pieces and 3 chambers. The grinder is equipped with 38 teeth (18 teeth in the upper part and 20 teeth in the lower one) plus 24 small holes for easy and effective grinding. The filter instead has a very thin mesh. In addition, a very useful scraper is included to easily collect both the powder and the resin in the last chamber, as well as to clean the grinder optimally.

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