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CBD OIL Sensitiva 30 ml | 2.5%

This CBD Oil has been developed by Sensitiva to have a lower CBD content than usual; therefore, CBD content is around 2.5%.

CBD oil is certainly one of the most appreciated derivatives by CBD and Hemp world lovers.

JustBob has selected for its customers the selection of Sensitive High-Quality CBD Oils.

Sensitive uses only pure and natural components. These ingredients are carefully processed through a process based on obtaining quality and safety.

Sensitive CBD Oil is made by an MCT Coconut Oil (obtained through cold extraction without solvents) and isolated CBD (obtained by extraction with solvents or with supercritical CO2 extraction).

The extraction of isolated CBD takes place from Canapa Sativa L. grown in Italy outdoors. In particular, the Company that cultivates Hemp destined for extraction, is based in the region of Abruzzo.

This is the only way to obtain an oil completely free of THC but at the same time very rich in CBD.

This product is almost totally colorless and odorless, this characteristic is given by Coconut Oil.

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5 reviews for Sensitiva Pets

  1. Luis

    I was skeptical, now I have no doubts: to try again

  2. Jenny

    Wow is really the best!

  3. Frank

    I tried it with Arnold il, my jack russel, he immediately relaxed

  4. Carl

    Good flavors and fragrance

  5. Lans

    I appreciated the quality of this sativa hemp oil. I advise

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