Sensitiva Pets | 30ml

CBD Oil 2.5%


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CBD OIL Sensitiva 30 ml | 2.5%

This new CBD Oil Sensitiva PETS will let you take care of your furred four-legged friends.

This oil’s dosage was developed specifically with the aim to be a healthful remedy for cats and dogs. It can be used to ease pain and to alleviate your beloved pets’ inflammation.

Sensitiva CBD products are the ones you can trust: they come from the best organic cannabis plants grown outdoor in Abruzzo (an Italian region), processed with the latest technologies that allow to maintain the plants properties untouched.

To obtain a natural and healthy product no pesticides or fertilizers are used. What also matters is the extraction method: while CBD is isolated from the flowers with a cold extraction that does not employ solvents, the MCT coconut oil is obtained thanks to solvents or supercritical CO2.

What matters the most is that the transparent and odour-free oil we make available on our online shop is absolutely pure and safe for you to use with your adored pets. You can be certain they will enjoy the many benefits.

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5 reviews for Sensitiva Pets | 30ml

  1. Luis

    I was skeptical, now I have no doubts: to try again

  2. Jenny

    Wow is really the best!

  3. Frank

    I tried it with Arnold il, my jack russel, he immediately relaxed

  4. Carl

    Good flavors and fragrance

  5. Lans

    I appreciated the quality of this sativa hemp oil. I advise

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