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CBD OIL Sensitiva 15 ml | 20%

Those who already have been fascinated by cannabidiol beneficial effects are surely the best candidates to appreciate this product in its very core thanks to the high concentration of CBD that characterizes it

From cannabis crops in Abruzzo (an Italian region) only the best flowers are selected and used to extract this THC free oil, that can meet JustBob’s quality high standards. The cultivation method does not involve any kind of pesticides, fertilizers or manure use, because it strictly follows the rules of the organic agriculture that best respects both nature and the plants’ properties.

The absence of THC makes it easier to enjoy CBD oil’s full effects. The chemical component is isolated from cannabis flowers by using cold extraction without solvents, while the delicate taste comes from the CMT oil, which is obtained from the buds, but with different methods: neutral solvents or supercritical CO2. The coconut CMT oil mitigates the rougher taste of CBD and thanks to this cleverness the result is a perfectly balanced mix.

Top-shelf raw material, grown with particular care, processing with nature-friendly methods and, lastly, the coconut oil hint are the perfect ingredients to obtain this uncolored, odorless oil with a high CBD concentration.

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5 reviews for Sensitiva 20% | 15ml

  1. Manni

    I applied it on my hands, it is an extraordinary oil

  2. Philip

    Little to say. To try!

  3. Lea

    This oil was a nice discovery

  4. Alex

    Fantastic in the evening before bed

  5. Sean

    it arrived in 24 hours, I find it excellent

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