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CBD OIL Sensitiva 15 ml | 10%

As for every other Sensitiva products, this oil is the result of isolated CBD’s cold extraction made without solvents, that is after diluted with coconut CMT oil; this oil comes from cannabis buds, extracted in this case with the aid of solvents or by means of supercritical CO2, therefore brought at very high pressure levels.

These are all methods that do not spoil the plant or the chemical substances in it, which in the oil remain preserved pure and intact.

For what wholesome matters, we wish to underline that the flowers used to obtain Justbob CBD oil come from an organic culture (which, therefore, do not resort to use fertilizers or pesticides). More specifically, the crop selected for getting this high-standard product are located in Abruzzo (a region in Italy), where the favorable climate is suitable for an outdoor cultivation.

The oil is almost uncolored and odorless, but with a pleasant taste coming from the coconut oil’s delicate touch, that makes it possible to enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD with maximum safety.

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6 reviews for Sensitiva 10% | 15 ml

  1. Connor

    I really enjoyed al the sensitiva oils! thank you Justbob!

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