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Candy Kush weed

Candy Kush represents a sativa weed with a high CBD content, which exceeds 20%. Respectable percentage, really remarkable, even compared to other genetics. Its origins date back to the cross between the Kush and the Auto Pounder. But what are the predominant characteristics that make the difference in the world of CBD flower?

Candy Kush CBD, the features

The characteristics of Candy Kush CBD are many and all of fundamental importance to give life to a product so loved in the world of CBD flower UK. The Candy Kush marijuana returns a very sweet taste, with notes of caramel and slightly spicy. The fragrance is really strong, with a fruity aftertaste that makes it definitely look like a candy. The buds of Candy Kush weed are medium/small in size and appear in a light green color, interspersed with the presence of orange-colored pistils. The CBD flower is smaller than other legal marijuana genetics, resulting in a very low yield. This aspect makes it possible to develop high concentrations of both CBD and a large quantity of resin. Resin that is obviously found on the tops, really very compact.

Indoor cultivation of Candy Kush

The indoor cultivation of Candy Kush takes place in specific environments and designed specifically to obtain a truly amazing final product. The production of CBD flower UK is followed at every stage of flowering by a team of chemists and agronomists who are experts in the sector and recognized in the panorama of the European agri-food supply chain. Team of experts who, among other things, collaborates directly in the drafting of the most important European directives concerning agro-food crops. Both the harvest and the cleaning of the cannabis flower take place strictly by hand. The organic cultivation in hydroponics allows a better management of the development of Candy Kush CBD. Furthermore, no fertilizers, pesticides, fertilizers or metals of any nature are used. The plants are therefore obviously NO GMOs.


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