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Banana Smash weed

Banana weed is one of the most unique cannabis sativa within the CBD flower UK circuit. This is because this genetics has some really interesting and difficult characteristics to find in other marijuana plants. The first aspect to consider is obviously its CBD rate, which exceeds 15% while THC does not exceed 0.5%. But this is only the beginning, let's find out what are the characteristics of Strawberry Banana weed.

Strawberry Banana weed, the features

Banana Smash gives different tastes and that's why it is very popular with CBD flower fans. Its taste is in fact very sweet and soft. The aftertaste is literally enveloping, with notes of banana and a hint of spices that make the difference! The buds of Strawberry Banana Smash are medium to large in size. Even the marijuana plant has a medium size and a good yield. The color is a characteristic light green with the presence of bright red pistils. The scent of this cannabis flower is really special: penetrating and fresh, just right for any occasion.

La coltivazione indoor della Banana Smash

In addition to indoor cultivation, another plus point for Banana weed is organic production. Both phases are followed by a group of experienced and renowned chemists from the sector. Everything takes place in specific environments and designed specifically to obtain a remarkable final product. No aspect is left to chance, indeed. Harvesting as well as cleaning the cannabis flower is done strictly by hand. Furthermore there is no addition of pesticides, fertilizers or metals of any kind. The Banana weed plants are therefore to be considered NO GMOs. In addition, hydroponic cultivation is synonymous with quality: this allows in fact a better management of plant development.

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