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Amnesia Haze, CBD flower

Amnesia Haze is one of the CBD flower UK genetics that have had an impressive success. Its origins are relatively recent. Amnesia weed in fact makes its first appearance in the early 2000s and is the result of a really interesting mix. It is the intersection of an Afghan indica and three different hemp sativa genetics. Its CBD rate is really significant, in fact it exceeds 15% while the THC is below 0.2%.

Amnesia Haze seeds UK

Amnesia Haze is the most intense genetics of the Haze family. Its flavor is very strong and intense, with definite notes of pine and lemon. The enveloping aftertaste is very common to the Cheese family. The Amnesia Haze seeds UK are of medium size and appear in a very dark color, interspersed with the presence of numerous red pistils. Marijuana plants are medium/large in size and have a good yield and apical buds produce a considerable amount of resin. The flowering cycle turns out to be very long, this helps to obtain CBD percentages that are really high compared to the norm.

Indoor cultivation of Amnesia Haze

The indoor cultivation of Amnesia Haze takes place in Italy, specifically in Upper Piedmont. This takes place in controlled environments and specially designed by a group of experts. The harvesting and cleaning of the Amnesia weed plant is done only by hand. Furthermore, fertilizers, pesticides, metals or fertilizers of no nature are not used in any way. CBD flower are therefore to be considered NO GMOs and are irrigated only with water and an attempt is made to recreate the ideal natural environment for the growth and flowering of the plant in the smallest details. The productions are carried out with innovative technologies and in these plants new methods of irrigation and light management have now been studied, which are currently patented.

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