What is marijuana and what does it look like in detail?

Details of what marijuana is and what it looks like

A brief explanatory overview of marijuana and its uses

Although records of the cultivation and use of cannabis date back to ancient times, it is not uncommon today to find oneself in doubt about its characteristics or the practical applications of growing this versatile plant.

Main uses of hemp

Marijuana, also known as cannabis or hemp, belongs to the Cannabaceae family.

Marijuana belonging to the Cannabaceae family

There are mainly three species of this plant: cannabis ruderalis, cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa, which seems to be the species from which all the others originated and is also the most widespread variety.

Its particularity lies in several issues.

First and foremost, it is a crop that lends itself to various production chains.

In the past, it was mainly used successfully in the textile industry. Its cultivation was aimed at the use of its fibres, which were suitable for the production of textiles as well as ropes and laces.

Another exciting use of hemp was in the production of paper and cardboard.

As we said, the textile industry is not the only sector interested in hemp cultivation. It can also be used in the food industry. For example, it is possible to use its seeds or grind them into flour rich in protein, used in bread, pasta, biscuits and much more.

The oil extracted from hemp is also used in the food industry, but not only.

One of the main extracts from cannabis is, in fact, CBD oil, which seems to have countless beneficial properties and is used in the treatment of various problems related to more or less severe health disorders.

Let us not forget its recreational use due to its relaxing and euphoric effect on those who consume its inflorescences.

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The active principles of cannabis

In its flowers, the highest concentration of active principles can be found. The main ones are undoubtedly THC and CBD.

THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the carrier of the so-called drugging effect attributed to cannabis. This characteristic gives marijuana the ability to alter the sensory perceptions of its users, thanks to the psychotropic property of THC.

But what does psychotropic mean? This term is used to describe all substances capable of altering the psyche of those who ingest a certain quantity. In minimal concentrations, tetrahydrocannabinol cannot produce any effect.

As mentioned above, there are essentially two active principles in cannabis. First, the plant contains considerable amounts of CBD in addition to THC. By this, we mean cannabidiol, which is especially important when looking at hemp’s already mentioned alleged therapeutic properties.

According to several studies, CBD appears to have significant anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and analgesic properties.

Successfully used in the treatment of sleep disorders due to its known relaxing qualities, CBD seems to help significantly reduce anxiety symptoms, whether social or post-traumatic stress.

Cannabis for the treatment of sleep disorders

How is marijuana used?

Turning to the practical side of the matter, it is interesting to understand how cannabis is used.

These will vary depending on the reason one has decided to consume marijuana, which, as mentioned above, lends itself to countless uses.

For recreational use, the most popular option is undoubtedly the joint, a kind of cigarette that does not consist only of tobacco, as is the case with traditional cigarettes, but adds a powder obtained by grinding a small portion of the dried inflorescence.

But this is not the only way to smoke marijuana. There are special devices, such as bongs and pipes, that do just that.

Another way to consume cannabis is to ingest sweets, mainly biscuits or brownies, baked with marijuana as an ingredient. The butter is usually flavoured by heating it with powdered inflorescence, which releases THC when heated.

In these cases, the typical euphoric feeling will take longer to appear but last longer.

We now turn to the procedures for taking cannabis derivatives in countries where this is legal.

The derivative par excellence is undoubtedly CBD oil. It can be taken sublingually in capsules or by adding a few drops to the food and drink you are about to consume.

On the other hand, if you regularly use an electronic cigarette, you might consider buying CBD e-liquid in countries where it is legal to do so.

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Bottom line

Hemp has lent itself to many different uses since the beginning of time.

In recent years it has undergone an intense reappraisal, after having been the victim of a severe demonisation caused by prohibitionism initiated by the United States and spreading like wildfire almost all over the world, including Europe.

Its redemption, however, is still severely limited by its classification as a narcotic substance, which, despite the versatility that characterises it and the presumed benefits that its consumption brings to the body, makes it impossible not to curb its cultivation and, above all, its use.

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